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I've been wanting to listen to this for months! :D

edit - oh ffs, I can't believe that quest doesn't exist anymore and I finally would have gotten it :(

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compelling and rich

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I need to replay fez at some point.

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I'm assuming a separate feed will be added again like on the beta

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GiantBomb.com? what's that?

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That was great. Jeff has a great voice for that kind of stuff. I love this.

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this game has a great soundtrack, so lets play like 8 songs all on top of each other.

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This is at least 3 hours and 29 minutes too short. But it sounds great.

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This is great. Thank you for sharing and I hope to see more!

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Oh yeah, I remember this from the Beta. This is a cool-arse thing.

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This is great for all us "game fans."

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I'm a game fan, this is perfect for me.

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That is a cool ass player. The engineer who made it deserves a raise, or at least, like, a free pizza or something.

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Where do these minutes come on? CBS Radio? What stations? Boomer Esiason does these on sports channels. I'd rather hear this.

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I'm a gaming fan! I'M A GAMING FAN!