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This is awesome. Good stuff, Jeff!

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what is this? i am downloading this instantly! O_O

...oh. It actually is only the one single minute. Stretch this thing out to three hours, Jeff!

Nothing stops the train... :'(

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Pretty cool have yet to hear these on my cbs station but am always hopeful.

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It's like the Half-Minute Hero version of the Bombcast....but x2.

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I love how Jeff masterfully uses these to promote less mainstream games to the plebs.


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Does @jeff still record these bits? Since the most recent one is from last summer, I´d say no..

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Hope you're cashing those sweet, sweet CBS Radio checks, Jeff.

Tell the world about the Bombcast - we need to expand the army.

Also, the feed is borked.

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PS That's a dope beat, yo.

Isn't that last line exactly word for word the sign-off for the old Hotspot?

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I come here for the intense radio skills

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Who needs a 3 hour Bombcast when we got this?

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Oh no

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Still waiting for that US version release date.

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Where are these aired?

Satellite radio or what?

What is this fabled "CBS radio station"