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That one was aggressive minute!

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I know, right? When do we get to see another one?

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I approve of Giant Bomb's Raging Minute.

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Jeff's getting into the HOT TAKES game.

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I'm surprised they let you spend on a minute on something that esoteric.

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I like the new aggressiveness gaming minute...but it could use more random sound-effects like a car horn going "aaaaauuuuuggggaaa" or audio clips from funny 90's movies.

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Love these.

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that sony sound :D

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This needs a Q*ick Look

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The transition from angry Jeff to normal Jeff is Great

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Ooooh, I like this rage style of Gaming Minute :D

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Welcome to Jeff Gerstmann's "Gaming Rage"

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Jeff has great radio voice.

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What Really Grinds Gerstmann's Gears

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There's a new QBert? This is the first I've heard of it.

Shame it's so bad, though.

Jeff is getting even better at writing these.

"I'm not the guy that doesn't like phone games!" I don't know why, but I love the delivery on that.

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My childhood is now a touchscreen that I can't play without a touchscreen!

This is not the future I signed up for...

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I'm surprised CBS let you get that aggro. Don't these play on mainstream radio?

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Angry Jeff is fabulous.

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"Jeff the Stickler"

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I think I might've fallen in love with Jeff a little bit.

My girlfriend won't be happy.

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Angry-radio-voice Jeff!

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@Jeff: The stickliest of sticklers.

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Jeff enunciates like a motherfucker.

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Jeff be sticklin' all day!

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Lovely. :)

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Lol, this is great, and I totally agree with Jeff.
Although, I'd love to see the reaction of a person who doesn't play any video games when they hear a man getting this upset at a Q-bert re-release. XD

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Pure gold.

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More like this please, Jeff.

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I now know a thing I didn't know before.

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Jeff sounds like a douchey 90's TV character in these.

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So how am I supposed to know what's Q*Bert cannon now?

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do you know what really grinds Jeff's gears?

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Love the gaming minutes.

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Take me to your world of video games, radio man!

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That was fucking great. Someone listening to the radio would be like, who is this angry man and why is he angry at video games?

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Somebody please add a beat to that.