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Posted by Nadur

Anyone else having trouble getting these to show up in their podcast feed?

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@nadur: Yep. I can't get this or the premium video feeds working in itunes. The premium ones don't prompt for login either.

Posted by paulunga

What is this and why haven't I heard of it before? Or is that the segment Jeff does for radio or whatever?

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Lookittwutifaund! D:

What is this? I like it! Spooky how nobody has mentioned it anywhere. <.<

...Okay, so there are more episodes from LAST YEAR! D: Nevarhurdofthisbefore.. :O

Posted by Zero_

This is the quick gaming minute Jeff does for CBSi radio I think. It's refreshing seeing Jeff talking a bit more 'hosty' like he used to do on On the Spot.

Posted by djames216

Yeah, for whatever reason, the RSS/iTunes feed isn't functioning at the moment. I've tried the "Subscribe on iTunes" button and tried to manually add the RSS feed into iTunes, neither of which work. Also, if you open the RSS button in its own browser window it says the below:-

Posted by SmilingPig

I don't know why but listening tho this makes me feel dirty all over.

Posted by Jeff
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Madden 50 is the next madden i'll buy

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Aw yeah this is GREAT.

Posted by Orange_Pork

Yoooo, dat bed music. This is dope.

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When do these actually go on the air? Is there a set time or what? I wanna know.

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How do I get the latest ones? Does if have to be on the air?

Posted by MeatSim

John Madden tells everyone when to start releasing video games.

Posted by big_jon

OMG this is so bad, good bad.

Posted by Damolition

This is like stumbling upon the seedy second life of a family member.

He sounds like the radio DJ stereotype that he always used to mock.

Posted by coribald


Posted by Lazyaza

This is literally a minute long, I laughed.

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In the far flung future of 2012...