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Posted by Doomed

I cannot wait for the Vita TV. I never cared about the Vita, and now can finally care about Persona 4.

Posted by Aiasdair

Wow. Jeff could've had a life as a radio personality....in another life

Posted by Disaya

How did I never know about these gaming minutes? Now I gotta go listen through them.

Posted by flippyandnod

You sound awesome in that. Totally authoritative and un-goofy.

If you told me to get off of your lawn in that voice, I think I might just dump in my pants.

Posted by cooljammer00

Should Vitas talk?

Posted by Driam

There is a deep dark hole in my heart, and only the latest from the world of video games can fill it.

Posted by AuthenticM

Do these air on the radio ? If not, where do they air ?

Edited by Deranged

This would be cool no doubt but I don't know, I got the Vita for the purpose of having gaming on the go! Interested to see how it develops though.