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New short podcast reviews? Sure why not.

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Weird, I guess these are just gut feeling reactions? Without in depth analysis on which games to play.

Posted by Aaron_G

@ozzie: Jeff does these for CBS radio and it is normally for an audience that doesn't play many videos.

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For more news and reviews from the world of video games, check out GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMEEEEe.... Giant Bomb dot com.

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Okay I won't play Resident Evil 6.

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Whoa what? Where did all these 'Gaming Minute' things come from?

Oh shit, these are those short radio bits he said he's been recording, right?

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@mistzero: Its supposed to be a 1 minute segment on CBS radio. WTF is he supposed to do?

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Interesting. Also love the tapedeck podcast player on the page :)

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Well I happened to have enjoyed Resident Evil 6 so there!

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Why would you tell people they shouldn't play 2012's GOTY