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"His genesis happened on the Genesis"

Oh snap, that wordplay son!

Posted by HorseFactory

Hail Satan.

Posted by Dezinus

Glad this feature has bed music worthy of the 90's Radical Nintendon't era.

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FM Synth for your ears.

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@amyggen: also "Sega did what NintenDidn't"... god damn poetry if you ask me

Posted by Sil3n7

Sega did what nintendid't...oh jeez.

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I really want that music. That is so Radical

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Jeff's radio voice, holy shit.

Posted by ThunderSlash

This is pretty much a devil summoning incantation.

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Hurray for the Mega Drive! I loved mine.

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I am glad to see an appearance of my avatar in this feature.

Posted by csl316

Yeah! Genesis is in my top 3 systems, well deserved.

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"For more news and reviews, join me at Giantbomb.com". That is somewhat false advertising right? I mean they do kinda have those things but not like most other sites, this site is all about quicklooks and being unprofessional and or hilarious. That line would fit way better with just about anyone else on the internet.

Posted by civid

Sega, brought to you by Sony :)