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Posted by pingolobo

I really loved this minute. I wish each new gaming minute would play instantly when opening giantbomb so I wouldn't waste a a seccond clicking tabs to enjoy the minnutes.

Posted by LastNinja

That was pretty awesome.

Posted by Yummylee
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Posted by Hassun

I wonder if the radio listeners will have any idea what he means with League of Legends style.

Posted by wumbo3000

These are so good.

Posted by Fattony12000


Posted by HiCZoK


Posted by Vuud

I... forgot these existed. Whoops.

Posted by zelenogorsk

Jeff sounding so professional. I love these.

Posted by kippers

Where else does the gaming minute air? Radio?

Posted by Wandrecanada

It's kinda odd how much I enjoy these gaming minutes. It's just such snappy clean editing. Whoever it is that pulls this stuff off you should be proud of your work.

Posted by Benmo316

Next we need a Giant Bomb TV commercial. The world will have no idea what they watched but it will blow their minds!

Posted by KillDeer

Where do these air?

Posted by golguin

Has anyone ever told Jeff he has a good radio voice? Has he ever tried to be a part of a morning zoo?

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Posted by UltimAXE

Jeff has such a good radio voice. So did Ryan.

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Jesus, the pumping music in the background (even though side-chained) is a little distracting and then there isn´t even an explosion at the end after all the noise...but his voice is really punchy so I give it a 5 out of 5?

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Posted by AuthenticM

So this plays on the radio ?

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The beginning sounds like "Everyone is Jeff Gerstmann"

Posted by MachoFantastico

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jeff as a great radio voice.

Edited by dannyodwyer

I love these so much

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Should Jago talk?

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Posted by Adaptor

Jeff is such a fucking pro!

Posted by Tennmuerti

Am I in the world of videogames?

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Ah shit, I almost forgot to go to The World of Video Games today you guys

Posted by tourgen

radio skills!

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(At the end, it's still weird).

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The world of video games. Why is that amusing

Posted by antivanti

World of Ouija Gems!

Posted by Spaceyoghurt

Have to say, these are awesome.

Posted by Ozzie

I really really like these

Posted by flanker22

dayammmmm JEFF fucking HYPE

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@benmo316 said:

Next we need a Giant Bomb TV commercial. The world will have no idea what they watched but it will blow their minds!

Posted by DrWhat

These are definitely best when you (i.e. an actual giant bomb fan and therefore i guess "knowledgeable about gaming" or the "core audience" or whatever) learn something and they're still accessible to a "mainstream" audience too. A+ would minute again.

Posted by Pop

Jeff sure knows how to make these. Hello, I am a radio man!

Posted by Sweep

If I was listening to the radio and Jeff's voice came on, I would freak the fuck out.

Posted by SkipperSonne


Somehow I feel like Jeff hates himself when doing these. I'm not sure he like putting on the "mainstream gamer" voice. Still, pretty good.

Posted by dbor

That review was hype

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