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Posted by Yaffa

DJ Jeff

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Awesome sound

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Lovin' the cheesy script of this minute...

Posted by shatteringlast

My balls aren't filthy.

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These put me in a good mood.

Posted by freakin9

A minute exactly, how does he do it?

Posted by alwaysbebombing

Uuhhhhh... I fucking love the radio and all the production effects around it.

Posted by MeatSim

OF COURSE I'm right!

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Jeff is right, the Sony chime at the end is hilarious.

Posted by Excast

Rush Limbaugh approves this message.

Posted by Gamer_152

I love listening to these just to hear Jeff's radio voice.

Posted by ReCkLeSs_X

Dat Sony chime.

Posted by Hassun

I could do with a ball washer...

Posted by cloudymusic

These things are so "radio" it hurts. And it's awesome.

Posted by Beomoose

Oh those conservative talk radio hosts are gonna looooooooove dem balls.

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The Sony chime works even better on episodes like this one where Jeff is talking about a (for now) Microsoft game.

Posted by DevourerOfTime

Your balls are filthy. Go to the ball washer. Now.

Posted by Fram

Jeff has to do one of these in full Rap Man character.

Posted by Cloneslayer

I love the production in these. Keep it up Jeff!

Posted by ripelivejam


Posted by crithon

Jeff is nothing but professional.

Posted by itspizza

Oh wow they really do use that PlayStation noise

Posted by Patman99

These are always so great. The mixture of Jeff's radio voice with the production values is awesome.

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Everything's better with peggle.

Posted by LevelUpAdrian

@itspizza: *Sony noise. Not specifically PlayStation.

Posted by Nentisys

dirty ballz, mang

Posted by wumbo3000


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I'm waiting for the e-sports gaming minute.

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Giant Bomb Dot Com

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I so want to play Peggle 2. That PC release date cant come soon enough

Posted by Vuud

Mega dittos, Jeff!

Posted by Aaron_G

Jeff, being right since since 1975.

Posted by Pr1mus

Yeah tell me all about dem balls.

Posted by scottygrayskull

Yeah, Beavis and Butthead quote!

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

Giant Bomb dot com, so proffesional

Posted by aceofspudz

I listen to these on the website just because I love watching the fake cassette tape wheel around.

Posted by TimesHero

@freakin9: He's Jeff "Mutha Fuckin'" Gerstmann. That's how.

Posted by Jetlag

Needs more Killer Instinct announcer, just because.

Posted by GnaTSoL

What are these for?

Posted by TheDarkOn3

@gnatsol said:

What are these for?

Rush Limbaugh, obviously.

Posted by SuperUltra

Brought to you by Sony - Make. Believe.

Posted by Y2Ken

I love Jeff's voice. In generally, but especially for these.


@borp: It's almost like they fill you with...... 'Happiness'.

Posted by Zainyboy

Jeff was made for awful rush hour radio. Thankfully he chooses to use his power for good.

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