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Posted by Axel_IX

Still diggin' the ad-free premium versions. Smart idea.

Posted by Berserk007

starting to wonder if the add filled version shouldn't be the premium version, entertaining stuff and it would be a interesting spin on it.

Posted by enigma

Premium Bombcast on my birthday is the best present EVER!

Edited by RichardNixon

@berserk007: I might think the ads had some merit if I didn't hear from all their advertisers on other podcasts. Can't really fault the Bomb Squad for it, just sucks that there are about 6 companies that ever buy podcast ads (Squarespace, Stamps.com, Legal Zoom, etc.).

Posted by divergence
Posted by GasparNolasco

I always get the non premium version first by mistake. Though it's not horrible -- Noble on their part to commit to the No Ads to Subscribers policy, but I wouldn't mind getting ads in the podcast if they are non-intrusive as these, specially now that they are commonplace everywhere.

Posted by Itwastuesday

i always listen to the premium version cause fuck ads. though you have to look on the original version for comments because all the comments here are always about how much we either enjoy or do not enjoy ads

Edited by dirtytea

Is it possible to subscribe to the premium podcast on iTunes? Noob premium user here.

Posted by DrX25

@dirtytea: Go into iTunes and select "Subscribe to podcast" from the file menu (on Mac, don't know if it's the same on PC), copy the RSS URL into the window that pops up, use your login info on the pop-up that appears and you should be good. In case nothing happens, hit refresh and it should show the most recent episode for download.

Edited by noizy

The amusement from the ads wears off on subsequent listening. I'm ok hearing it once, but for my Bombcast archive I prefer to have the premium version. I'm happy they are keeping the noble goal of the ad-free version for premium.

Posted by nonjingus

2014!!! If you can read this the 2013 fell off...

Posted by thechopper1209

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy the way that the guys are making the ads.

Edited by That_Lamer

I, too, have an opinion about ads and not the actual content of the podcast.