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boo ya! Here's to a great 2014 you guys!

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I guess it technically is Tuesday...

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Tuesday mornin' in the office? Bombcast? hell yeah!

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Wait, what!?

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dangerously early bombcast

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Thank you for the podcast, Bleff Gurstmann

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Sing me a lullaby, Giant Bomb.

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So handsome

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Mana from Bombcast.

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Hot midnight uploads! Giant Bomb knows you need timely, professional phablet coverage!

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This is all kinds of early, but I can fucks with it. BOMBCAST!

Posted by Time_Lord

Comixolgy updating on Tuesday NZ time the bomb cast is the same my poor brain doesn't know how to cope :) here's to amazing 2014 *Raises Beer*

Posted by El_Funko

Hot 4pm uploads, all up in my timezone.

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Videogames are for babies! PEBBLE WATCHES ARE THE FUTURE

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I was just about to go to sleep.

OH NO! And I'm not Premium any more! I have to listen to ads like the rest of you fleabag peasants! Oh the shame!

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It's Tuesday somewhere!

Well, mostly everywhere now...

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Why is rorie posting the podcast?

Posted by JackSukeru

Cool, a tuesday Bombcast!

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Awesome, five more hours of Tuesday to go! Auspicious start to 2014.

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Tuesday here in Japan!

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Holy earlycast!

Something to look forward to when I get back from work.

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I'm having a really hard time being excited about 4K.. I don't really watch a lot of movies anymore, and they are fine on 1080p.. And console games don't even touch 1080p anymore.. And they won't be running 4k for like a decade.. I don't need that amount of fidelity for anything I do. Unless I'm missing something..

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stamps.com !!!!!

Man i love these ads^^

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"Super dumbed down even next to League."


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always be tuesday-in

Posted by BenderUnit22

Brad should just stop talking about League of Legends when he has no clue about the game. They took out creep denying? Oh noes, they strip the game from all mechanics. Except they introduce other mechanics like brushes or a rune and mastery system to switch between different playstyles on the same character.

I know you have a hard on for Dota, but don't just repeat the fanboyish bullshit you hear from people.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Hello, everyone! It's Tuesday in Europe and you're listening to the Giant Bombcast!

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Bombcast hoooo!

With all this repeated talk of "Paradigm Shifts" it sounds like you guys are suggesting that Final Fantasy XIII should be the Game of the Generation.

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Finally get to listen to this on a Tuesday in Japan, the future is now

Posted by Johnnboy2000

It'sss MONDAY !!

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jeff sounds hunked off on the pipe dust in the ad.

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"is jim morrison in it?"

<3 u drew

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Lol such a funny bombcast.

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Oh wow. 2014 already!

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Howdy, Tuesday~

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The hell?! It's barely Tuesday where I am, how is this up already?

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I need this on soundcloud

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lol the bit about bug lists in game credits reminds me of how the deux ex human revolution commentary function on the directors cut edition was fucked with bugs

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This was a fantastic episode of the Giant Bombcast.