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woot so early

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whoa its up already? I usually have to wait until wednesday morning here in europe :P

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I bomb atomically, Socrates philosophies and hypotheses can't define why I be droppin these mocaries, lyrically perform armed robbery.

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wooTTT early !!!

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Groundfloor on this early cast.

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Oh snap! That's my dog in a snuggie :D 
Queen Momo XI is the best game journalist of all time. OF ALL TIME.

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@MrJared said:
" Queen Momo XI is the best game journalist of all time. OF ALL TIME. "
Does. Not. Compute.
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But... but... I haven't even finished listening to the LAST one yet!

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@MrJared said:
" Oh snap! That's my dog in a snuggie :D  Queen Momo XI is the best game journalist of all time. OF ALL TIME. "
was gonna say "thats Jared's dog btw" but the man himself beat me to it... oh well
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awsome early bombcast 
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wtf more mass effect 2 spoilers? the game isn't even out

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Awesome! Early Bombcasts are the best.

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Nice one.

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Thank You!

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Mass Effect 2 Spoliers!!!???  ZOMGWTFBBQ!! 

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recommend to download it as fast as possible, before the internet goes down. Google declared War on China! read google blog post

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Been waiting for  a few hours : D

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This just became an amazing day.
Also, Momo in the pick is making me want a pizza. Not a dog pizza, like a normal pizza. For normies.
Maybe that newfangled Domino's recipe pizza.

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MOMO! I simultaneously adore and fear this picture.  That dog is just TOO photogenic.

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Wish that Momo actually appeared on this podcast.  Titan and Momo joint dogcast.
"bark bark!"

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I was about to start homework....eh, that can wait. Bombcast first!

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Wow, this is early. 
I'm having a hard time clicking "play," though, knowing that there are ME2 spoilers...I don't trust myself to stop listening for that part.

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I need 10 cups of coffee just to keep me awake in the afternoon....... i use 3 times as much coffee grinds. Noone else in my family will drink it, its to strong for them

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Time to listen!

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nice, been checking all day!

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I think the "Mass Effect 2 spoilers" thing is a joke after people bitched about it last week.  I could be wrong. Either way, nobody tell me, I don't wanna be spoiled.

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cute dog

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Sounds like Jeff liked Darksiders.

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Shepard Kills Dumbledore

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  Superearlycast! Thanks guys!

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Giant Bombcast! Now on Eastern Time!

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Can someone post the time they talk about ME 2 spoilers. It's taken all my strength to avoid reading everything I can about that game and I'd hate to ruin it now so close to the release.

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fuck yeah! 
best fucking goddamn podcast on the fucking net motherfuckers.
i got's the fucking tourette's bitch so i'm fucking allowed to type fuck a lot.

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It's Bombcast time!!

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Ahh, I've been to Andale.

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Good thing I couldn't care less about ME2!

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Thanks, my Tuesday has now been confirmed.
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It's an excellent night for a bombcast. I'll have to put off watching Jason X and Jason goes to Hell for a bit. I love the bombcast and it gives me a good few hours to clean the house, then mess it up, then drink beer, then self loathe.  
Rambling now .while it downloads. 

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your dog joins the pantheon of bombcast thumbnail excellence.
Such illustrious members include;
-Pacino screaming about a woman's ass
-Mayor Mike Haggar
-The Hot Diggitty Dogger
-Ice Cube
-Chris Cashman, aka 'The Hot Diggity Dawger'
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@glitznglamstyle68: I was worried all day that it wasn't really Tuesday.  Now I KNOW it is.  Hooray! Bombcast Tuesday!