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Hey everybody, it's Tuesday!

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Daaaaaaaaammmmmn, long podcast.

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Gimme dem stamps

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I'm listening to this, also.

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I pay for muh premium, but i wouldn't miss these ads for the world.

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edit: Best Commercial!

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The best video game podcast that has little to do with games!

Drop a bomb on those fluuuuuuu shots.

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I pay for muh premium, but i wouldn't miss these ads for the world.

I straight up don't even download the ad-free version!

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He's an Asian wizard!

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Yes! Bring on the non video game talk. 11 minutes of flu vaccine talk? That's nothing compared to the meatball debate from last week. Thoroughly enjoyed that.

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Don't touch'm.

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It's a homemade puzzle of yours!

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I've given up on the flu. I would rather deal with a flu shot. Though I got the flu before I could get a shot this year, lol. Also Vinny you so wrong!!!!!!!!! Flu mutates anyways. Yeah, the arm does hurt for a while.

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people who live in glass houses shouldn't cast bombs.

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Please do not use Giant Bomb for medical advice. Please.

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I prefer the regular podcast so I can listen to the ads. The Bomb Squad makes advertisements fun!

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It will be cool to listen to them talk about the flu vaccine. I am an Allergy/Immunization expert.....I have been working in this field for the past 12 years. Last week I trained a room full of physicians on various vaccines.

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It should be illegal for you to have children if you're anti vaccine.

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I'm in the middle of a cold now. The only cure is more bombcast!

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Time to get me some pipe dope and relax with the bombcast!

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I've never had the chickenpox. Hopefully I'm immune.

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Misread "Ryu" as "Ryan" and almost shat myself. :(

On a lighter note, WOO BOMBCAST!

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The Bradening has begun.

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@shagge: I believe "Ryan" still fits there though, so you know, celebrate that.


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I'm so glad we now have confirmation of who of the Bomb Squad are or are not in fact doctors

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@willza92: But Ryan's magical abilities leave no room for debate. Hell, the man invented Tuesdays [citation needed]!

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Fuck yeah! stamps.com, bitch!

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25 never had chicken pox FML!!!!!!!!!!!

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What day is it?

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I dealt with Shingles two years ago at the age of 20, which is really rare as it tends to be an older people's disease. Shingles is Chicken Pox; once you get Chicken Pox, the virus remains in your nervous system and has the potential to re-emerge any time your immune system is weak (i.e. as you age), which it does as Shingles. As a disease it completely sucks -- you break out in boils that burn like Satan's asshole after tacos, there isn't much you can do except wait it out, which takes at least a month, completely incapacitated, and when it's over there is potential for permanent damage to your nervous system. Once you've had it you are more likely to get it again, so it's something you have to stay on top of. Not sure why, but I thought I'd share.

Oh, and the meds are ungodly expensive.

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Hot medical action!

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The Stamps.com adverts just get better and better.

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Knew a lady that got shingles just before her wedding. She has a huge scar on her forehead from it.

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I crashed my car today. Need to take my mind off that... Bombcast to the rescue.

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I'll wait for the ad-free version but I'd like to pipe in and say that I don't mind non-game related discussion. I come here for the personalities as much as anything else.

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@gbrading: Trust Jeff and Vinny to make Ads bearable for once and Hey there like 6 times as long as an average ad and I still don't care lol

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"You're fired, you've destroyed yourself. You're useless" - DOTA 2 is tearing the Bombcast apart!

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In Scandinavian genes there exists the potential for a mutation that makes the bearer immune to the many flu viruses out there.

I am a mobile biological weapon.

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For those unaware of local SF Bay Area news, there have already been 15 deaths attributed to the flu recently.


Many of the deaths are attributable to a strain of influenza that has targeted the relatively young and healthy. One victim in Sonoma County, Matthew Walker, was only 23.

The vaccine is well-matched to this year's flu season and protects against all strains of influenza that have been identified in patients. The primary strain circulating this year is Type A, subtype H1N1 - also known as the "swine flu," which caused a global outbreak in 2009.

People age 65 and older appear to have some protection against H1N1, which tends to strike younger adults - even those who are otherwise healthy - harder than most influenza strains. Symptoms of the flu include high fever, body aches and a sudden onset of illness.

Even after people are vaccinated, it's important they take other steps like regularly washing their hands or covering coughs and sneezes to keep themselves, and others, healthy, public health officials say. Those who are sick should not go to work or school.

The flu vaccine takes about two weeks to become fully effective, so public health experts recommend people get it now if they haven't already.

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Another episode of everyone's favorite podcast about (not really) Video Games!

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The only time in my life that I have been glad to listen to advertisements. Giantbomb know how to sell you ANYTHING!!

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This bombcast seems wild.

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"I'm full of good questions. I'm a journalist." - Vinny