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I never do this, and I may never again, but 
F1R57 P05T!!!!1!111111!!!!!
EDIT: people, I am so sorry. I might not sleep tonight while reflecting on why exactly I felt like I would have to gloat about hitting refresh on a webpage and then writing the first comment. Why? WHY!?

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hi hi!!

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Download engaged
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lets do this thang!

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Yay! Not on iTunes yet though. :(

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I am a meat virign.... if you know what I mean!!!
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"Video Game Baby Names" oh dear, i'm scared to see where that leads.
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wheres special guest?

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This is a triumph.

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My video game baby? Charlie Tunoku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No Bioware?

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Oh ja, Brads Schwester spricht viel Deutsch? Das ist außergewöhnlich!
Bombadiere Giantbomb!

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Woo! this will go nicely with the new Midnight Brown album

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@Qorious said:
" Yay! Not on iTunes yet though. :( "
It is as of right now! :D
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That's strange, I thought this week's bombcast had a guest from Bioware. It might still do but they didn't mention it.

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@creamypies said:
" No Bioware? "
Guess not. It's fine with me though. I love guests on the bombcast just not ones that are there to do a job. Everything they say seems so hollow. It kind of kills the mood of the show.
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I'm only a minute in but I notice nothing in the description mentioning bioware, maybe a special podcast just for that.

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Maybe it got spoilery, so they're going to separate it into a different 'cast. Or maybe they haven't gotten together yet. Haha.

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you are forgiven child.....
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Is this the Mass Effect 2 one?

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Im actually glad the bioware guys aren't on the main podcast. Don't need any filthy outsiders messin up the groups flow.

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There are... FOUR... LIGHTS!

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@ZmillA said:
" Im actually glad the bioware guys aren't on the main podcast. Don't need any filthy outsiders messin up the groups flow. "
I agree with this.
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Ah good, it's on Tuesday.

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So, what's the deal?  Did they no show on  you guys?  Is there another podcast later?  Some kind of explanation would be nice. 

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I'm a little bummed by the lack of Mass Effect 2. Game's still going to be awesome regardless, but I hope that Giant Bomb's saving this for a future podcast or something.

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I'm guessing they'll make a bioware podcast. 

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@Luchen said:
" I'm guessing they'll make a bioware podcast.  "
Yeah I reckon there'll be a Bioware one that's only like an hour long. Seeing as Ryan doesn't even mention Casey not being there on this cast. So check back around Thursday, I still ain't ruling the Mass Effect stuff out yet.
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What?!  No Mass Effect 2 talk???
throws chair...

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it was our original intention to have Casey Hudson on this Bombcast, but scheduling was such that we had to break it out into its own special, abbreviated Mass Effect 2 podcast. Expect it later this week!

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@Ryan: that is a better plan anyway, it means more bombcast for the usual mid week doldrums!
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I love you Giant Bomb

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Best alternate name for Darksiders: WAR IS HELL

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5 minutes in and this is already one of the best Bomb Casts I've heard