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"  while also touching on Bad Company 2" 
At first glance, I read this as "Touching on Brad"

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*sigh* Now I have to listen to this before falling asleep...

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turning out to be best day/night in GB history
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Super kickass, needed this while I'm at the gym!

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Yes. This is a good way to continue my night.

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Download faster dammit!
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I trust that Brad learned his lesson and will listen to this without ever worrying about spoilers.  :)

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SWEET!!!!!!!! looking forward to this

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@LosDub said:
" turning out to be best day/night in GB history "
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Best day of my life.   :)

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sweet its no crazy live stream but its here

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send me to sleep, bombcast crew!
EDIT: In a good way ;)

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They're going to talk about some of my most anticipated games. FUCKIGN AAA!!!

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One awesome thing after another!

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@LosDub said:
"turning out to be best day/night in GB history "

I agree.
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Oh wait....

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@VWGTI said:
"@LosDub said:
"turning out to be best day/night in GB history "
I agree. "

The day just keeps getting better and better. :)
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@expletive said:
" "  while also touching on Bad Company 2" At first glance, I read this as "Touching on Brad" "
Touching on Brad Company 2.
That would be a great game.
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Yes please

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YAY Bombcast then sleep

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Sleep is totally overrated any way.

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Today on GiantBomb: GIANTFUCKINGBOMB! Lots of good stuff 2day.

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Oh man, i wonder what crazy drinks they are having this week. 

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If I'm not mistaken, it has been scientifically proven that a Bombcast consumed earlier in the day leads to a healthier life and longer lifespan. Thanks Giant Bomb for extending this cadavers expiration date that much more.

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Wow, this week's chock-full with good stuff! 
Machinarium (pronounce 'Machine'-arium) is really good! 
Oh, and the ST:O Beta ending was utterly fatuous... but fun!!!
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Spoilers are for cool kids

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I love me some BombCast!

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Thanks for calling out the "spoiler crazies". They are really effing annoying.

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yea baby!
bombcast time

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@Ryan High res version of that pic please?

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This will make up for the fact that you guys don't have your review up.
I guess you guys are actually playing the game, and not just rushing through it just for a review.

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If people dont want to hear Spoilers, either fast forward when they say spoilers or dont listen.  And if  a bombcast is dedicated to a game just released and you dont want to hear spoilers, dont listen to it. 
Common sense is a handy tool.

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KOTOR was the fucking shiiiiit. 

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Brad is right Mark Meer is from Canadian!

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Awesome. Thanks, guys. :)

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It doesn't look like Stellar Cartography?  
No, It doesn't. 

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Confirmed: Mark Meer (Commander Shepard) is Canadian. He also is an improvisational comedian.

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QUOTE Aha! I Found It! END QUOTE Hidden Object Game
I was also dying at the Tony Hawk Ride skateboard's failsafe mechanism.
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STO: Endurance Run