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Posted by monkeystick

Excellent timing. Goofing around with Starbound and ready to zone out listening to a new bombcast.

Posted by dirtytea

@lavos: posting the vid, and then Sledgehammer! Aced it. Two of the bests ever!

Posted by dirtytea

Leave the fireball. Take the mushroom. - An adventure game that follows two brothers' dark decent into the world of super-plumbing. With only one princess, there can be only one king.

Posted by Scrawnto

Jeez, I feel like I need to order more delivery just to give delivery people more normal, pleasant experiences. I always make a point to be polite and decent when I come to the door.

Posted by SomeJerk

Loved the Luigi bit. I'd eat a lot of lawsuits if I was an indie filmmaker.

Posted by innacces14

Funny how the gang started talking about Steven Tyler. He passed by me like nothing at the 2014 NAMM show just a couple of days ago. lol

Posted by dysfunkshunal

A Bombcast showing up early on a Tuesday is like having dessert before dinner. So wrong, but so decadent...

Posted by AMyggen

Really great episode, the Nintendo talk was interesting.

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Time to inplode

Posted by AssInAss

The Castle Doctrine working for anyone else? Started playing it because of this podcast, but servers are down for maintenance.

Posted by Mercury45

Bless Jeff for pointing out that Waluigi is the most pointless character in Mario.

Seriously, Waluigi, go away already.

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Vinny Cast confirmed for next week!

Posted by SmithCommaJohn

"More disgusting food delivery stories"

YES. This shit is seriously fascinating.

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Wow, that last email. BAR. FUCKING. RAISED.

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I would totally buy some of Vinny's hot wood...

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Steel Battalion: Line of Contact had such terrible netcode they dismantled it prematurely.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

That last food delivery story... oh man.

Posted by Elwoodan

I always imagined Mario putting Luigi down like in of Mice and Men.

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So Castle Doctrine is a darker, less quirky version of Mighty Quest for Epic Loot? I'm not being facetious, I'm actually curious. I enjoy Mighty Quest.

Posted by Srickshaw

Wow, that was an incredibly random reference to HotDog - I used that years and years ago to do websites.

Posted by JimiPeppr

Playing all of the Gears of War games back to back to back (for the first time) was actually a really fun experience. It felt... Epic... if you will. Did the same thing with Mass Effect (except I played every game 3 times) and that was one of my favorite gaming experiences ever.

Posted by hollitz

I hope they do re-release Gears of War Definitive so people are forced to acknowledge that the first Gears game isn't very good.

Posted by GnomeonFire

The Luigi talk is probably my favorite 2014 bombcast moment so far.

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God dammit was that cat lady email terrifying and sad at the same time.

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Posted by 2HeadedNinja

So Castle Doctrine is a darker, less quirky version of Mighty Quest for Epic Loot? I'm not being facetious, I'm actually curious. I enjoy Mighty Quest.

Good call ... from what I heard here and played of Mighty Quest it seems to be very similar.

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"No ,I didn't bid for that! It was my kid,my cat..."

Posted by SharkMan

Bless Jeff for pointing out that Waluigi is the most pointless character in Mario.

Seriously, Waluigi, go away already.

i like waluigi, i'm also capable of forming my own opinions and sticking to them... Brad..

Posted by Y2Ken

So I only got a 360 the year Gears 3 came out, and as a result I played through all three titles over the course of a few months. I did the GoW1 campaign on normal, then again on insane, then straight into the same 2 playthroughs on GoW2, played a bunch of Horde for about 3 weeks until Gears 3 released, and then played that campaign through twice (normal then insane) and spent a good month or two playing Horde and multiplayer regularly after that. But I never tired of the story or gameplay in the series during that time.

Also I feel like I am favourable towards Luigi because the one Nintendo character that I categorically like less than him is Mario, who happens to be the guy they push the most across just about everything. I just was never a fan of really anything about his design, and to me Luigi always felt like someone took the Mario character and made it look better. Also as someone who doesn't really play much of the traditional Mario games, my biggest alignment with them is in Smash Bros, where I am a way bigger fan of the way Luigi plays (he's one of my favoured characters) and never really cared for Mario's moveset.

Posted by FunkyS

That delivery story turned my stomach, ugh!

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Posted by tbk

@zenmastah: Hmm music videos and commercials by Chris Cunningham (Björk's All is full of Love video) in general are pretty good.

Posted by Zevvion

Does anyone know what the opening ad's background music is? Is it something from Saints Row or something? It sounds really... chill.

Posted by Sparuscus

Nintendo characters worse than Luigi:

all of them. every single one.

Posted by SteveVacation

Excuse me how were essential music videos talked about and "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" was absent?

Posted by The_Nubster

What are the temperatures where you fools live that you can walk outside in flip-flops and water your lawns? It's -32 celsius here in good ol' Barrie, Ontario. (That's about -26 farenheit, according to Google. Stop whining, Patrick.)

Posted by Roomrunner

I watched a Yakuza movie last week (Outrage Beyond) where a character was killed off by being tied to a chair and left in a batting cage.

Posted by turboskerv

I like my distressed jeans and flip flops. What else would I wear in south Florida?

My legs are covered in shit.

Posted by LandonRobinson

I really like the ads. I appreciate that you duders upload an ad-free version for subs, but I get a kick out of the ad delivery. Please keep it that way!

Posted by blacklab

@bradOh god foot cracks. There is no cure.

Posted by HoboZero

The image of Luigi as the Nintendo Family's "Fredo" will now never leave my brain.

"I'm-a not-a dumb! Like-a people say! I'm-a SMAHT!!"

Posted by JCHenderson

God I wish I had the skills to put animation to Vinny's voice portrayal of Luigi's demise at the hands of Mario.

Posted by MeatSim

Godfather Part 2: Super Mario Bros. Edition = instant system seller.

Posted by dirtytea

@zenmastah: damn, this is a good list. Though I'd switch Sigur Ros' Untitled #1 for Glosoli (love that one too though)

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