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hot to trot

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work dat wood giant bomb

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I pay GB to wait for the free bombcast so i can hear the ad.

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It's almost Wednesday!

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I like to think that cover is what Vinny's garage really looks like.

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it's a secret to everyone. Oops, I mean door repair charge. Minus 20 rupees. You still happy?

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WOW premium

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Oh hey, look, Radio Dave is still amazing at talking randomly about whatever.

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Omg Daaaaave!!

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Is that cover the woodworker's version of Bob Ross?

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The Giant Woodcast!

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That show was awesome! Don't care what anyone says.

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This is great and all, but man, I wish someone would invent a device that would help me to stay out of the post office. They're officially The Worst.

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where does Dave work now?

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I love all the editing on this episode.

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really don't care for the random sound effects or music

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This had everything I love about the Bombcast: stories about woodworking, videogames, sexual innuendo, news, and some great audio mixing from Vinny. Awesome show!

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I love Vinny-hosted podcasts, so much awesome audio weirdness!

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the giantbombcast just got vinnified.

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What is the story behind the rap music that played during the podcast? It is actually kinda catchy...

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Great podcast. Could do without all the terrible sound effects though. Black Knight music was amazing however.

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Vinny can dj this podcast any time.