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Posted by emillkim13

Ha First!!!!

Posted by TimeWaffle

Yay bombcast is up earlier than normal

Posted by FireBurger

Hey, guys, thanks for getting this up early.
Keep up the great work!

Posted by austinmiller


Posted by MoeMoney


Posted by Valke

Thanks for getting this up before I went to bed!

Posted by JJOR64

YES, IT CAME OUT BEFORE MIDNIGHT!! W000000000000T   lol  Going to listen to it right now.

Posted by RedRoach

great work ryan good to know you read my pm, this is a great step forward for the bombcast!

Posted by TomA

yay i've been refreshing for about an hour now!

Posted by PowerSerj

I'm so giddy

Posted by stenchlord

Cheers for getting this out earlier than usual. Can listen to it BEFORE work and DURING work lol.

Posted by ElectricSlime

Thanks for the earlier release, been looking forward to it since last week.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Yay, I might actually go to bed early tonight!

Posted by NathHaw

Love the Persona references.  People should check those videos of Jeff and Vinny (and tiny Ryan) out!

Posted by Dandy

lol should i stay up late to listen to this podcast? or

Posted by IshimuraD

Nice! Before midnight = more time to listen!

Edited by Meltbrain

You're teling me Ryan got a circuit bent kids toy thingy with the spinner and the animals? Dammit, man! Stop scaring the hell out of me with scary noises.

Posted by FCKSNAP

Second person shooters? like,

You are a space marine, you feel enraged from all the 'roids.
There are two Aliens on the horizon.
Your exits are; N, SE

Posted by Mr_Bauer

w00t, didnt have to stay up late for it this time. =)

Posted by Qorious

Yes! Finally uploaded early!!!

Posted by johnw188

If anyone wants to actually play a second person shooter - http://www.selectparks.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=284

Posted by Karmann

w00t! it was up less late :-P

Posted by GUnitVer1

Damn, Jeff never forgets Jesper - He is that evil...

Posted by coldblood

Bombcast and time travel.  Think about it.

Posted by onenar

you know whats wierd i'm right handed and i still switch hands when using a knife.

Posted by Ping5000

Late stay upload no up early happy face.

Posted by GamespotNoMore

I'm right handed but I skate/snowboard and play pool goofy..and Jolly Rancher soda is the best! especially watermelon and grape

Posted by CoinMatze

Dudes!! Outlaws!!!! I should put that in fullcaps: OUTLAWS!!!11 Absolutely sweetest western-themed shooter ever.

Posted by Gammasplash

The Siren series of games have 2nd person gameplay. You have to see through the Zombies eyes to see where they are and if they can see you or not. It's very creepy....too creepy for me to play for that long. HAHAHAHA!

Edited by Death_Burnout

It might of been before midnight for some, but still past 3 am in England :/ haha but im glad i didn't stick around for the circuit bent madness!

Bottom line is, Games for Windows Live, is a neglected piece of crap.

Jeff's just a big hater. I like Condemned 2 better also, but F.E.A.R 2 ain't bad. If Ethan Thomas was in a Mech, i have even more reason, to call him the Mechberg!

Call of Juarez! i dont like it much, but Call of Juarez! it's the western game, everyone forgets.

Man i've got an urge to play Just Cause again! make that 3 then because i can't wait for Just Cause 2.

Damn my e-mails never get read, you read out a lot too!
Posted by LiveOrDie1212

lol, i don't think Ryan and Jeff are a kind of people who can sit through a great movie like the Shawshank Redemption. I have to agree with Brad and Vinnie that the movie was a great movie.

Posted by Metal_Mills

Haha, great bombcast!

Posted by FLStyle

"I'm Vincible." Oh Vinny, you are crazy.

Posted by MrSpoon
Posted by LordAndrew

I was just going to mention Psychonauts. :)
One of the powers in the game lets you see through the eyes of other characters.

Posted by Dethfish

In Dead Rising 2, the new guy's profession should be Taxidermy.

Posted by garnsr

2nd person makes me think of chooose your own adventure.

Posted by Alphazero

"Where do these stairs go?"
"They go up."

Best Ghostbusters quote bar none.

Posted by LordAndrew

Dude, yes! Choose Your Own Adventure!

Posted by qrter

Ha! It almost sounded like Jeff was going to cry over the PC achievement points for Fallout 3.. ;)

Posted by SinGulaR

"Rico Suave" is a state of mind? :D:D:D

Posted by Gre

2nd Person games - Zork, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, etc.
You see a white house.  There is a mailbox.
>Open Mailbox.
You see a white house.  There is a mailbox full of overdue bills.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

I'z leaving a comment!

Posted by Wright

Listening to the "C is for cow" stuff in bed was the greatest experience ever.

Posted by AndrewB

Playing Fallout 3, my first ever GFWL title, I was surprised achievements could even be had on PC titles. Steam achievements at least disable themselves when anything interferes with them (modded files, console cheats, etc). If this game is any indication, then Microsoft should drop PC support from their achievements system. It's not like all of the Xbox 360 to PC ports support them, anyway.

Posted by NarcolepticBat

SKATE DUDE 2nd person man!

Posted by Wellscha

Achievement for pausing?


Posted by LordAndrew

Do Steam achievements disable themselves when cheats are enabled? It does seem to be counting the number of cameras I've illegitimately knocked off the walls in Portal...

Posted by MattOnTheSite
Ready 2 Rumble had a second person view where you see from the perspective of the person you're boxing against.
It was alright.
Posted by fuumo

Another good wild west game was wild guns for the snes

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