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holy shit lets do this

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weeee bombcast time :D

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Is this the thing where people talk about random things for hours on end?

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Just before bed, now I can fall asleep to your voices and have weird dreams!

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Distraction-cast...they should always release a Bombcast during a livestream!

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Souls stream died, so on to this?

And it's back.

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You guys are killing me today with all the content. Thankfully its a holiday tomorrow, so my college is off!

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I love Tuesdays

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I hope we get less tangents about random stuff now that there are so many games starting to come out, and tones of new info and reveals every day happening.

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Super Metroid talk? I'm stopping everything I'm doing now... which is nothing, but shut up it's Bombcast time!

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Hey everyone it's TUESDAY!

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I love when you run long Jeff.

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Bombcast up in this bitch!

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Super Metiod!

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Talk dirty to me, Bombcast.

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Hey everybody it's Tuuuueeesssdaaaaay!

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Giant Longcast!

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I'd buy a a VinnCo brand "Where's the Beef?" shirt. I eagerly await my mailer.

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When is this "Where's the Beef?" shirt appearing on the store?

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Hell ya! I love forgetting it's a Tuesday and than remembering that it is in fact Tuesday and there is already a bombcast waiting for my aural enjoyment :)

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My first Bombcast as a non-subscriber.


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Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bombcast time! COOL RUNNINGS!

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The Bombcast is my #1 source for nudity at the workplace anecdotes.

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I'm older than Drew? Dear god...talk about paradigm shifts.

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Holy shit, Drew isn't much older than I am.

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Drew has the music in him.

And it needs to get out.

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After having now played several hours of DayZ since Sunday I can say that I do not like the "game". 99% of the game is me running around not finding anything, then I run across someone and they kill me for either my blood or for no freaking reason whatsoever. At least in Rust I can build a shack before I get killed. In DayZ I can run around for hours and accomplish jack shit. Zombies were never a problem for me as I never really came across any.

I also don't understand why people think its super interesting as its just a new outlet for assholes to be assholes. How is that interesting?

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@sammo21: Are you playing the original mod or the new standalone DayZ? Afaik the new standalone version is severely lacking in features right now.

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Am I the only one who's sick of hearing about mobile games?

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Just throwing it out there re. the minimum wage in USA vs Australia, whilst the lowest class in America seems to be poorer than in Australia, the average wages overall are nearly identical - $69,821 vs 69,992.

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man that last email was really shitty

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Wow, I didn't realize Drew was only a couple of years older than me.

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My experience as a young-ish person now is that 1) sex is probably not more prevalent than in your age, we're just less terrified of it when it does occur, and 2) trying to find a job with 0 experience sucks when there are a LOT of people on the market with significant experience who are willing to settle for an entry-level job.

I'm not saying that it's any harder to be young now. What I am trying to say is stop complaining old man, shit's hard for everyone always.

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@sammo21: It's a game where you could play for x amount of time and have no fun, or play for 15 minutes and have a crazy experience that's often so random it's only possible in this type of open world sandbox style game.

I find this type of unforgiving game to be rewarding, but it's not everyone's bag.

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@hassun: Stand alone for now.

@sargegulp Possibly. I played for like 6 hours and got nothing. I'm not an instant gratification kinda of guy, but I was seriously underwhelmed. Team that up with me immediately turning around getting trolled in Rust for hours and I wasn't a happy camper, lol.

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Really interesting chat about free to play in this episode.

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The saddest news to me this week was the Batman Arkham Origins story. "We're not going to fix most of those bugs. Buy our DLC" is a pretty sad statement in the video game industry.

The craziest news was of course the Flappy Bird shenanigans. I am astounded by what the creator ultimately did because he made something that TOO MANY people wanted to play.

The most embarrassing news is Microsoft boasting about adding a battery indicator to a user interface where the battery indicator should have been there from the beginning. Why does Microsoft insist on removing useful functionality?

@sammo21 said:

I also don't understand why people think its super interesting as its just a new outlet for assholes to be assholes. How is that interesting?

It's always interesting to see innovative ways for people to be jerks. For humans that potential is near infinite.

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Everyone who talked during that dungeon keeper portion needs to listen to Jim Sterling on bombing the AM this week

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i like that the paradigm shift is a jeff/drew thing