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Posted by Servo

yay sites up!

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New site, new Bombcast!

Posted by Aska

First Bombcast on the new site!

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Beware of potholes.

Posted by Demonsoul

Yep it is up........very cool.

Posted by Chibithor

I don't know about you guys but I think sweatpants are aall right.

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Dave, sites up.

Posted by Rox360

Ultra excellent!

Posted by 1momosauky

woot early bcast

Posted by OneKillWonder_

First new-site Bombcast. Wooo!

Posted by ErinIsADrunk

Yay! New site, new Bombcast and life is good!

Posted by PDXSonic

Hooray site is back and podcast is up!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Psh, I listened to this before there was a site. You guys are so mainstream.

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Posted by Midjet

New player looks siiiiiiiiick!

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Posted by MrMazz

LOL the player is a tapedeck that's kinda awesome

Posted by Roomrunner

oh no, my RSS is FREAKING OUT!

Posted by i8Donuts

This cassingle is sick!

Posted by ReyGitano


Posted by Toxin066

First B-cast of the new site.

Posted by Varnek


Posted by PrintedCrayon

Love the new site design. Looking forward to the bombcast too!

Posted by Telecomdog

It's Tuesday!

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We made it guys!

Posted by Oldirtybearon

Well, at least the Bombcast page works even if nothing else does.

Woohoo, I guess.

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Posted by Encephalon

Everything's so different!!!

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

First Bombcast of the 2013 new site, here we go!

Posted by Chicken008

oh gosh bambcastsss

Posted by Stink_Meaner

Bombcast "ToneMaster" tape style

Posted by TheTravis

Oh shit! Is that a Suburban All-Stars reference at the end of the episode description?

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I'll be MUCH happier this weekend the Second I get off

Posted by Dangerloves

Not gonna lie, I was a little worried I thought site would be down for a while.

Posted by bowlcut

New site...New Bombcast...all is well in the world

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yay sites up

Posted by CharAznable

The new site looks awesome!

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Woo, finally made it to the site! This is a great day!!

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I forgot just how sexy this site is. Good stuff, Giantbomb!

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Posted by Demonsoul

Can someone please tell me the time Bradley May Cry Part 2 begins today?

Posted by Yavin343

The new player totally rules, good job duders!

Posted by NPfeifer

Why does the crew blast on Android so much? There's not a single Android phone amongst them and it's the best mobile platform out there. It'd be like none of them owning an Xbox 360 this generation or something.

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Site looks amazing! Bombcast is amazing. ALL THINGS ARE AMAZING

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I wonder if Jeff's crazy roommate ever listens to the Bombcast.

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Congrats on the new site guys! Looks amazing and I don't even care that I'm 500ing on every other link.

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C'mon iTunes!

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Not updating on my iTunes - Even the location where you can subscribe on iTunes shows the PSA as the most recent Bombcast.