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Posted by JJOR64

w00000000000000t  Time to listen.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Street Fighter IV, Finally!

Posted by Meltbrain

Dude, sweet! It's always nice when the bombcast goes up a little bit early.

Posted by Canberra


3:00 am in the uk is apparently the time the bomb drops I’m usually asleep but am unemployed so its cool.

Posted by ez123

Yay, early bombcast. I wish it was released 9(central) every week.

Posted by FireBurger

Thanks for getting it up earlier again guys. Time to fall asleep with my headphones on...

Posted by Gizmo

I should really stop staying up until 3:30 AM for the Bombcast...

Posted by Mr_Bauer

w00t, time to fall asleep while listening to you guys once again :P

Edited by Death_Burnout

Wow i unintentionally stayed up long enough.

Happy Anniversary!

Edited by Seram

Wow, I forgot today was Tuesday. Leave it to the Bombcast to remind me. Happy Anniversary.

Posted by PowerSerj

Great EST release time, and Happy Anniversary :)

Posted by TooWalrus

Ah, one year already, time flies when you're constantly high on energy drinks...

Posted by babz

wow and i thought i was the only one up at 3:30 AM on this side of the world, o well.
13thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... hah

Posted by mikemosha90


Posted by Lifestrike
"How about we all just install Total Annihilation."

Down to the precise tone and wording, this is exactly what I would have said.

I do not feel obligated to present my opinions anymore.
Posted by wrecks

Happy Year One Bombast!

Posted by EndlessMike

I've got VInny's back on the Flower thing. I found all the art in that game to be really uncreative and unoriginal.

Posted by loadedVICIOUSdfl

dude awsome, everytime my english and journalism classes are begging to drag me down, i listen to this stuff and remeber why i wanna get into games' press. thanks bombcast

Posted by norton123

My god, almost a year. Can't believe it.

Posted by Milkman

Vinny, I hope Brad and Ryan beat you up after this podcast.

Posted by TomA

Oh my gosh Conky!!!!!!! I wish it was a Trailer Park Boys game!!!!!!

Posted by guerrajr

Hey guys great podcast. Congrats on the your first full year of podcasting.

Posted by Sin4profit

One part Barq's Root Beer + Two parts Fanta Orange Soda = Bubblegum Soda

Posted by Cheapoz


They're all saying how easy SF IV is on easiest, beat it in 10 minutes etc. I spent 90 minutes yesterday and still can't beat Seth! Ooooooh boy...
Posted by Jeff

"Waiting for this on iTunes.

So hurry up with that stuff doods."

If you can't see it on iTunes immediately after it goes up here, you're doing it wrong. Make sure you're subscribing to the feed and not just finding it in the store and attempting to listen to it that way. The store listing doesn't stay up to date and is entirely up to Apple. The subscription feed updates instantaneously.
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Posted by Milkman

You guys made me feel like a complete asshole for losing to Seth on Easiest 6 times today.

Posted by Landmine

LOL. It sounds like Vinny may have called Ryan a CHUMP instead of chum. Brother.

Posted by Bigrhyno

It's insane this guy's taint.

Posted by SinGulaR

Gratz to a successful year.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Wow this is the first time i've thought Vinny was a complete asshole, i also think Brad and Ryan should beat you up!

The game doesn't evoke anything Japanese in my eyes, and don't take nature for granted Vinny!

Stone Cold actually deserves to be in the Hall of Fame as far as im concerned. But yeah, no Savage, no game...and i'm not talking about Tripple H...

So is that how we celebrate a year of podcasts? by talking heavily about penises? alright, great.

Posted by obonicus

I believe that this may prove scientifically that Vinny is a bad person. Why do you hate goodness, Vinny?

Posted by AspiringAndy

I'm just glad that someone has something bad to say about flower.
Good on you Vinny !

Posted by punkxblaze

Soaring over California is fucking bomb, dude.

Posted by mubress

Great Bombcast!!

However I would just like to disagree with one of the fighting games named as being bad. Mace: The Dark Age is awesome!! Sorry, WAS awesome. Obviously it sucks now but that's cuz it's like 11 or 12 years old or sumthin.

Edited by Crashews

It's kinda creepy that when you guys first started talking about Halo Wars I was grumbling to myself about how the RTS genre has been getting stripped and watered down.  And then you mentioned one of my biggest gripes about recent RTS games:  WHERE ARE THE WALLS?  I was a wall _whore_ in AOE and AOE2.  And then the awesome TA reference(my favorite was kingdoms).

If you haven't done a race in Lost and Damned yet, you really need to.  Really.  You need to.

Posted by FLStyle

Sometimes I wonder why you put yourselves through all these horrible drink tasting but then I remember I've just been laughing my ass off for the last two minutes, great podcast!

Posted by AndrooD2

45 minutes into the Bombcast, I feel like I have to jump in, create an account, and side with Vinnie and his anti-Flower opinion. I didn't dislike the game for the same reasons as Vinnie (I really enjoyed flying around the first couple levels, making flowers bloom and bringing life to the environments), but I'd give the game 3/5 stars because it fails to deliver on it's promise. The pre-game screen says something to the effect of "relax and enjoy" and the latter half of the game is neither relaxing nor enjoyable. I would have been happy with the minimalist, light-gamplay experience presented in the early game for the game's entirety, but !!!SPOILERS!!! instead, for the final few levels, I had to suffer through dark environments of electrified barriers and flat, unispired architecture.  The nightmare landscape stuff was jarring (I think mostly because the beginning was so relaxing) and it completely ruined the expereince for me. So, I agree with Vinnie. In my opinion, Flower is not all it's been hyped up to be, and, while the individually rendered blades of grass are impressive, I did not think the graphics were more remarkable than other current-gen games.

Edited by BrownBear

w00t i am donwlaoding it now and i am goign to lisnting it tonight in bed 

Posted by Moeez

Vinny hates Flower. Who knew?

Posted by Whisperkill

Awesome, congradulations on an amazing year, and many more to come.

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

Vinny hates Flower doesn't mean he's a bad person people, not everyone have the same taste, not all of us are the same. i on the other hand, loved Flower, but i don't expect every single person to love Flower aswell.

Edited by TwoOneFive

i need someone GOOD to train me in SF dude. i need a mentor!

Flower was revolutionary to me though dude. vinny doesnt like pretty things. 
Posted by Wright

can't beat giantbomb cock-talk

Posted by Wellscha

I think the reason why GTA is selling well is because of controversy. I bet when the national media picks this up L&D downloads gonna multiply.

Posted by einar29

pcs to pcs in this bitch!
plastic little, fuck yeah!!

Edited by ResidentnEvil
AndrooD2: It's odd that so many people seem to be hung up on that level. It really is a dividing line.

The problem I have with these complaints is that if all you want is a relaxing, serene experience, you can simply replay the first three levels of the game. In truth, that's what all I was expecting. And I'd still consider it a steal for the price if that was all it were.

For me, personally, the later levels elevate the game into something more than an interactive screensaver. The final level, in particular, is uplifting in a way that wouldn't be possible without the "darker" level preceding it. It's one thing to describe the gameplay as being frustrating (it is), but to me, the powerlessness and frustration serves to increase the incredible sense of power and freedom in the final level, which would simply have been "another level" without it.

As with all forms of art, there's a great deal of personal opinion involved. And that dissidance is what justifies the existence of Flower. Art promotes conversation and debate. Some of it worthwhile, some of it not... But the fact that we're even having this conversation gives me hope for the future of interactive entertainment in general, and I hope to see more divisive titles like Flower in the future.
Posted by jasondaplock

Total Annihilation was so awesome.

Posted by GioVANNI

I listen to at least 6 podcast on Tuesday, and the Giant Bombcast is by far the one I look forward to the most.

Posted by KamasamaK

Correction: Jaffe loved Flower.

Posted by megalowho

The time has come for a new Primal Rage.

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