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Oh Yeah! Bombcast!

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Hey there Small Business Man!

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yeah yeah bombcast now I don't need to sleep yeah yeah kill me

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Snap into a Bombcast!

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Hey, that's-a-long-a-podcast!

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Where's the Dota talk?!

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It's the bombcast, brother!

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VIDGA GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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An Explosion of content today!

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Boooooooombcast! I needed this for work tomorrow!

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There's been a mistake I'm not a small business owner I don't think.

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3 1/2 hours!.....God Bless you guys! I will have to finish it tomorrow.

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Thats a Tuesday!

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@snail said:

There's been a mistake I'm not a small business owner I don't think.

Then become one, you fool!

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I Love Giant Bomb Dot Com

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Ah yes, the Mega Powers.

Back when WWE didn't completely suck donkey ass.

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You got jealous eyes, Gerstmann.

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Naughty old Bombcast!

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Vinn co. is small business? We need to change that.

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Flying Elbows are infinitely better than Leg Drops.

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Thief is a good game. Im a few hours in and I like it a lot. If you can't play thief games or you suck at them you probably won't like it. Then again, reviews are pointless.

Hearing these guys talk about the original Thief is painful; its like if I walked into a room and started talking about m-theory off the top of my head. I think it is apparent no one in there played much of the old Thief games let alone actually liked them. I am 7+ hours into the game and I've only done 2 story missions and like...10 side missions? The game isn't super polished, but its great for me as a Thief fan.

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I don't like it when Mommy and Daddy fight.

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I played a shit ton of PvZ while waiting for raids to start when I was playing WoW.

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"That game's is $40"

I laughed my ass off haha

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You're scaring Drew!

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I agree with Brad on the Horde Mode vs. Multiplayer Shooter argument. Mostly because he can explain why he feels that way rather than just acting like an ass.

EDIT: Actually I take it back. Neither of them are capable of having a civil debate about that subject.

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I love the commercials. Comedy gold!

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Holy SHIT that song Jeff found.

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Flying Elbows are infinitely better than Leg Drops.

Ain't that the truth.

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the music at the beginning is my jam now

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Bombin' da bomba la bomb

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No words cannot describe how much I love small business man.

These ads are on another level.

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Hot and Saucy with the Plants vs. Zombie talk. Love it.

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Holy shit this PvZ vs Titanfall talk is insane.

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ohohoohohohooh dat Brad argument

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Wow, everything about Castlevania is just non-stop bullshit. I had to skip that whole part.

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In my eyes DOTA 2 is the same shit over and over again with very little difference, How the fuck can you talk shit about Titanfall? Give me a break.

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Holy shit, this PvZ talk is reminding me of my parents arguing before their divorce. I don't know who comes off worse.

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At Bombcast 312.... Jeff "Powerdunk" Gerstmann and Brad "Bradley Shoecrafter" Shoemaker EXPLODE!!

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Brad is right FPS deathmatch is some non-strategic shit. If you disagree with Jeff you are not just wrong you are "crazy".

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I don't think the creator of Kairo made Naissance...

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Jeff won that argument.

No, I have not listened yet. Don't need to.

Actually, with that graphic I hope one accused the other of lusting after Elizabeth.