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hidden bombcast

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Oh man I can't wait to hear what they think about the new diablo patch

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I just went to look for this and there it was!

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Praise the sun!!!

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gday mate

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Woo! Bombcast baby!

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time for the bomb

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i like me some ragged vinny meatballs.

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Are thongs acceptable?

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Oi... Thongs!

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oh man, that description had me on the floor

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I have to poop

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Last week, I predicted that it would come to blows, Australian-style. I am so ready for this smackdown.

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Took a shower and look what's here!

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Graphic change!

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You did it Jeff, you really did it!

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35 Americas could fit inside of one Australia.

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thnks m8

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I remember getting shit for saying my "R's". Made me out like I was a pirate.

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these stop signs are getting taken down!

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I saw it when it was a map....

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Video games? Who cares about that?

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Awww, I live in Arizona :(

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I like how Vinny is a small business owner no matter the sponsor.

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Gotta have that thong talk!

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I can't believe Jeff said Temple of the Dog!! Awesome!!!!

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@huser: I met very few people in America who did not give me shit about my accent. It was always say "September" or "October" and then I'd do the -ah at the end and people would lose their shit, like double over laughing. I hope you got better treatment than that at least. There's also some irony in that I'm an AUS/US citizen.

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As an Australian living abroad, the art for this week brings a tear to my eye

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oh no

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An unexpected surprise loading up Giantbomb and seeing my country's flag emblazoned on the front page!

Also: thongs can be worn with jeans but this should not be a regular occurrence unless you live in a beach suburb. Otherwise, formal wear should include closed shoes. Most pubs and clubs will not let you in wearing thongs after 7pm. However, if you're just going to the shops, or meeting friends, going to the movies, doing whatever then go for it.

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Return of the Baffler

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Feisty Caravella

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Oh good, another episode of my favorite casually racist podcast!