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Hey everybody, it's Tuesday!

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Woo Bombcast!

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Hey everyone its Tuesday!

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Let's do this 45+ minutes before any video games!

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That picture makes so much more sense now.

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Yay! But I don't have time tonight! I'll listen tomorrow!

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Oh shit.

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46 minutes of off topic talk here we go

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mmmm...tasty bombcast

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That episode, for some reason haunted me a s a kid. I think It was the floating disembodied head.

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Yes! It is time!

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ooooooohh yeaah.

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And now I can start my research paper to the smooth sounds of the Jeff and Vinny staff ramble on about their bath times. Good times ahead.

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Tuuuuuuueeeeeesday! Awesome, I was starting to get a little impatient there.

I'm just going to assume that the thumbnail will make sense at some point.

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Great thumbnail.

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People who like video games are gonna hate this!

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Worf Don't Care!

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Hurray Bombcast!

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That Worf thumbnail is absolutely incredible.

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Now that was an opening

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My favorite part of the Bombcast is wondering how in the fuck the thumbnail pic factors into the week's shenanigans.

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Put me down as somebody who'd be willing to listen to the Bombcrew bullshit for an hour or two without ever talking about video games.

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Yay, Worf. Awesome.

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oh hey a podcast cool

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Put me down as somebody who'd be willing to listen to the Bombcrew bullshit for an hour or two without ever talking about video games.

I would also like to be put onto this imaginary list.

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Why is it 3:07 on iTunes but 2:57 here? Length wise I mean

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I am in love with the description.

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I am in love with the description.

I feel like it was perfectly written as either a sitcom episode description, or maybe even a Seinfeld episode.

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It's a wednesday morning podcast.

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Awesome. :)

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I get off the toilet, and what do I find but a brand-new Bombcast? Hooray!

EDIT: Oh, snap, Brad called out my Tomb Raider comment.

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ACK! I want to itch listening to this.

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Anyone else scratched in the bed bug conversation?

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woop woop pso2 is down for maint and it is time for the giant bombcast~

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I get off the toilet, and what do I find but a brand-new Bombcast? Hooray!

You poop bombcasts? Get to a doctor. That ain't right.

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How would you wire a can of tomato juice to come out of a faucet? Mechanics isn't my strong suit.

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Podcast time YEAH! :D

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cat honey

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I laughed when I heard cat-honey. I've got 2 cats, and the one thing I have not seen is cat-honey in the sand boxes......

I control the itches, acquired way late in my life, w/ a cortisone ointment, knocks it down almost right away. Neutral clothes detergent also...

For the shower question, you are forcing in a foreign substance at greater pressure than the water, unless using a passive feed..venturi I believe. The answer, like at a car wash is you need to introduce a Reduced Pressure Differential Device, which is the only mechanical device rating as high as a proper Air Gap. Passive feed may only require a lower rated device, say a double check with vacuum breaker, or even less. IDK. You install a backflow device in your connection to the potable main.