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If you truly love Jack Tretton, you have to set him free.

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Drakecast!? Joy!

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Oh man, podcast listening decision time - I'm only 15 minutes into Alt-F1, do I finish that or listen to this first?

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Yay jersey.

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No warning on twitter or apps or anything, someone dropped the ball on this one!

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drakecast gooo!!!!

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I expect this to be one crazy Bombcast with John joining in. Hopefully we hear his thoughts on thong etiquette.

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This was gonna be my background podcast to my first Dark Souls experience. But then John Drake would be forever tied to death and sadness. And that's just too weird.

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John Drake hangin' around with a bunch of press sneak fucks?

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Good stuff. My night shift will go a little easier now in work!

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world star before that you already know that

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I can see my home town from here!

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Release the Draken!

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John Drake? Awesome!

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How many Diet Cokes did Drake consume over the course of this recording?

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Holy shit, it's motherfucking John Drake!

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Content is just pouring from everywhere. Gaming is back.

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@highpriest said:

Oh man, podcast listening decision time - I'm only 15 minutes into Alt-F1, do I finish that or listen to this first?

Switch now or you'll miss the zeitgeist of this podcast! :p

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Welcome to the bombcast Drake! Still waiting for Dark Souls 2 to be released here in europe.

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Crossing my fingers that DSII spoilers don't slip out.

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Drake Death Tracker 2014

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Giant bomb podcast of travel-related death episode 1

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John Drake? Skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip, see ya next week Bombcast!

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Gonna double fist some Diet Coke's cause it's a got-dayum DrakeCast!

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Yo where is my ad-free premium Bombcast? Yes, I am an entitled SOB.

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My new thing for the bombcast is watching SaltyBet, playing Hearthstone, and lsitening to the pod all at once. It's freaking awesome. And indulgent.

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Drake is pretty cool.

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This podcast started from the bottom

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Ahhh Drake in the hooooooouse.

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@highpriest said:

Oh man, podcast listening decision time - I'm only 15 minutes into Alt-F1, do I finish that or listen to this first?

Switch now or you'll miss the zeitgeist of this podcast! :p

Hour 0 is hour 0. Where's the Bombcast 0-day live chat? Mixlr?

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@johntdrake I want to say how cool Chroma is, but I'm under NDA as part of the agreement I signed, so I'll merely tell you it's pretty dope and leave it at that. Also, I'm looking forward to hearing you on this here Bombcast.

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X does murder on X. I like it, Brad. These new shoes do murder on my feet. Don't stare at the sun or it'll do murder on your eyes. This Steam sale is doing murder on my wallet. The car did murder on that lamppost. Yes. I can see this taking off.

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John Drake on a bombcast thing? How portentous!

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With the Giant Bombcast.
With the Giant Bombcast.

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Getting something foreboding from the podcast image being my home state...

EDIT: Ok the foreboding feeling was pretty justified.

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hey, i'm from Elizabeth

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I see my town on that map not labeled! Yay!

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A robot horse, you say...?
A robot horse, you say...?

For those unfamiliar with G Gundam, I should also point out that the robot horse is piloted by an actual horse. Yeah.

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"Let's Talk About Video Games Unless the Food Is Interesting" should be the new name of the podcast.