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Posted By Max_Hydrogen
@Turbo_Toaster said:
" @ChristianCastillo said:
" @flawless2c said:
" Ryan seriously needs to start exercising, dieting, and just attempt to shed some weight.  I'm starting to worry for the guy. I mean he is not getting any younger and it seems like he has a lot of risk factors for disease and illness (weight, drinking, and even smoking?!). Ryan, for your own sake, and for the sake of all of us who enjoy your presence on this site, get healthier!! "
You guys need to realize he's not trying to offend anyone here but rather giving some sincere advice.  I agree with this man. "
I really don't see why expressing concern for someone is getting the kind of vitriol that it is. Ragging on someone for that is seriously weird. "
We care about these guys and we want them to stay healthy. I must confess, I've been worried about this too but was somewhat relieved when they mentioned in a mailbox video that they don't actually eat all those candies people send. But Ryan did say that he does tend to drink the energy drinks though; a few years down the line, a whole generation will experience a rude awakening when it realizes how bad that stuff is for you. Stay healthy everyone!
Other than that, great Bombcast, I like it when the guys are exhausted, they record a more informative and professional sounding Bombcast, and at around 90 minutes: Perfect!
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Posted By SlightConfuse

ryan is the bob sanders of giantbomb

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Edited By ShaneDev

Oh man XIII was a great game not sure why people don't like it other than the slightly bad shooting controls. 
EDIT: Also Jeff sounds like a massive asshole when talking about Prey.

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Posted By Rxanadu
@ShaneDev said:
" Oh man XIII was a great game not sure why people don't like it other than the slightly bad shooting controls.  EDIT: Also Jeff sounds like a massive asshole when talking about Prey. "
So, you don't sound "like a massive asshole" when you describe games you don't like?  Be honest: you probably rant about Games X and Y because they just weren't as good as either the AAA titles or the other games you've played that have a close place in your heart.   
If someone sounds that way when they describe their opinion, it's OK.  It's people like you who are silencing the public opinions everybody has about every experience in their lives.
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Posted By Rxanadu
@Andorski: Which video is that from?  Is it a Mailbag, or something?  I need some context! 
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Edited By ShaneDev
@Rxanadu: Holy shit! I didn't expect a reply like that.  I wasn't ranting about any games I said I like XIII and can see why some do not, thats not a rant. I didn't even compare it to any "AAA"  titles so I have no idea what your on about. As for my other statement, Jeff outright dismissed and made fun of a game he has not played or has seen any footage of. I didn't think that was fair on the developers of the game given how I thought Prey 1 was alright and a good few people also enjoyed it. He is of course entitled to his opinion on his on show but I felt he went way overboard and I stand by my statement. 
Besides what is it to you? Why do you feel the need to defend him?
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Posted By donaldkhogan
Oh man...good Portland joke.  I was living there when he got signed...and was injured.  They had a giant "get well card" for him in the Pioneer Square for people and passers by to sign.  Some folks wrote some not so nice stuff on it!
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Posted By Mercanis

Bombcast crew, go home and get 9 hours of sleep for a few consecutive nights. We need you to stay alive and healthy!

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The only reason I'm not upset about Portal spoilers is because that was my email.

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@chickenpotpi: That is a pretty funny picture. 
This is one of the shortest podcasts ever. Obviously you guys are sick and stuff so it's not a big deal. Get better soon guys. 
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Posted By Evilsbane

Love the picture !

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I'm glad to hear this, but at the same time, I feel bad for you guys and probably would have been ok if you skipped this week and just went and took a nap instead lol.

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Those comments got awkward fast. 

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@meatsim maybe they should trade him? Ryan that is. 

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I'm probably late to the party, but it's funny how obviously Brad was hinting at the Riddler being the embargoed Batman thing. Or at least something to do with the Riddler.

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Posted By SaturdayNightSpecials

Why is everyone so afraid of making new ARCADE rhythm games? I'd think some company would want to fill the Guitar Hero void and compete directly with Rock Band. Even if the genre is on its way out, it's still a better prospect than these stupid educational games.

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Posted By NotU

I have never, ever, received my pre-order bonuses from any Gamestop.  I even watched the clerk behind the counter hand out the last one for one particular game to the guy in front of me who didn't even pre-order because they were friends.  The clerk didn't even say 'sorry'.
I don't even bother pre-ordering any more, and won't even walk into a Gamestop any more unless I absolutely cannot find what I'm looking for anywhere else.

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Posted By Rxanadu
@ShaneDev: I'm not defending Jeff; I'm defending the right to one's own opinion.  I'm saying that everyone has a few games they hate (or at least highly dislike) regardless of the amount of their experience with the game.  If you play a game for a certain amount of time without the game capturing you interest, then it failed at it's job. 
When I was talking about the AAA titles, that was meant to be an example to form a bit of context for my argument.  I'm well aware you weren't comparing the game to a AAA title (it was two lines of text.  How much could you have said?).   
I went a bit overboard about my last comment on the last post, this much is true.  However, because everyone is entitled to their opinion, no-one should try to devalue another's opinion.  If one were to do so, it would defeat the purpose of an open opinion.  Saying that Jeff "sounds like a massive asshole" is a hit at his open opinion (and without much reason, I might add).
Also, you said nothing (and I mean NOTHING) about the developers' hard work on Prey or whether or not Jeff ever played the game.  You just criticized how he voiced his opinion.  It's like saying someone sounds like an idiot without giving a reason why - similar to all of the denizens of YouTube. 
Just to be sure everyone in the entire realm of the Internet -including yourself- understands my statement:  I hold my stance on this issue for anyone and everyone who this was said against.   
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Bethesda you say!?

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Hell yeah DSI ware is back!

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Thank you Giant Bomb

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Get ready to soil your plants, fellas. (And ladies.)

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When will it be "Season 4" Anyone know?