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Wow, no one has left a comment for this podcast?  lol  I'm listening to it right now.  Good podcast.

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Well we left comments on these on the giantbomb blog when it was originally released you see, they couldn't carry the comments over :/

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Listening to old arrowpointingdown/giantbombcasts makes everything more tolerable for example stupid history homework.

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Old podcasts, awesome!

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I commented on this podcast! Too bad they couldn't carry it over...
Good times... Good times...
 Just a random thought that looking back on GTA:IV, I must say it wasn't that great in the end.

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Cool Ranch Doritos are amazing!

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Wow back in the day! Second time I've heard this one now, its fun to go back and listen to these.

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"Flo Rida is Florida with a space in it, 'cause he's from Florida!"

Took me four years, but I finally got it. Thanks Jeff!

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I don't miss the old theme, but I do miss Ryan.

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Time for some old school, I was still in high school, senior year aka 12th grade, when this was first aired.