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This is what i needed after hearing that Oculus VR stuff..

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Non-Small Businessman version.

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My drive home just got better.

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Hmm, don't know why, but Doggcatcher is having trouble downloading from the premium podcast RSS feed.

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Yay, no ads!

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I'm using podkicker pro and for several weeks I have been getting a connection failed when I try to download any of the premium podcasts? Anyone have any ideas? I just removed it and manually entered the RSS feed info along with my password and username but it keeps failing.

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At the end of MGS4 Big Boss turns up and talks to Snake in the cemetery and it's not Hayter doing Big Boss.

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@foil1212: I use Doggcatcher and haven't had any problems. Try the "force update" option.

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@fuwano: It says "DL Failed 5 times, giving up"

It looks like @rj2k is having similar problems with podkicker pro.

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still messed up on podkicker for me, it's like the Alt+F1 was the past couple of weeks. It sees the feed, but can't download

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I'm getting similar on DogCatcher as well. Tried downloading the recent episode. Looks like it's dropping with the following error.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in path at index 57: http://v.giantbomb.com/podcast/Giant_Bombcast_03_25_2014_[Premium]-03-25-2014-4153733564.mp4

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I would totally Kickstart laser-tag set in a bank robbery. Wouldn't even care if Facebook bought it.

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Ditto on the DoggCatcher bug. It turns out that they're including [ and ] directly in the URL string for the latest bombcast, when those characters should be rendered as %5B and %5D in order for the URL to be valid.

I've reported this to DoggCatcher, but it turns out to be a Giant Bomb bug, and I've reported it in the bug reporting forum.

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Actually, I've looked at the RSS feed directly now, and it appears to be a DoggCatcher bug. It looks like they are decoding the %5B and %5D encoding when they parse the XML, but they are not re-encoding those characters before trying to generate a java.net.Uri object, thereby leading to major fail.

I've reported this to DoggCatcher. It wouldn't surprise me if podkicker is suffering from the same bug.

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@deadpanjazman: I thought of that too. I may not have remembered David Hayter not doing the voice or I simply didn't notice at the time. I was yelling at my computer as I listened to this, "At the end of MGS3! AT THE END OF MGS3! AT THE END OF MGS3!