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@the_nubster said:

That stand-wiper is doing something wrong. Dry poop flakes don't fall to the ground. The fuck. You poop, and it's all moist, and you wipe until there's no more poop left. As someone with white bathroom floors, I can confirm there is no poop on the ground post stand-wipe. I don't know what that guy is doing.

As a fellow stand-wiper, seriously, what the fuck. He must be talking about dried shit that was already on his asshole or something, in which case he's got way bigger problems.

Stand-wipers unite. I was horrified when I heard that slob's story.

Posted by VoodooTerror

What the fuck?! Stand wiping is a thing?

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Posted by RD_21

The fact that inFAMOUS made the PS4 sales double in the UK while Titanfall barely moved units, made me doubt the statement that Titanfall outsold inFAMOUS by 2 to 1.