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Bombcast time!!!

Posted by Thor_Molecules

It's live!

Posted by HellonEarth


Posted by thecosmicfly

Praise be Bombcast.

Posted by Doctorchimp

Man, is the CBS office going to make sure we get early bombcasts now?

Posted by MosesWalker

I just randomly checked and here it is!

Posted by Zamir

finally some earlyish bombcast

Posted by louiedog

3 hour Bombcast and it's really early? I can deal with it.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Say what?! Great!

Posted by Baconbot

@thecosmicfly said:

Praise be Bombcast.

Hallowed be thy casts.

Posted by vinster345

almost 3hr bombcast!!! Wow!!! Love it

Posted by Sorla10

Wow this early? its actualy tuesday in the uk this time when ryan says tuesday at the start..

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Posted by almeida

too early! lol

Posted by rcath

Early podcast!

Posted by monkeystick

Bombcast before dinner!

Posted by LiquidSwords

Glad it's early! Now I can listen and still have a chance to go out and do something!

Posted by flanker22

@LiquidSwords: but you weren't going to do anything anyways :P

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I'm so excited~

Posted by deadalien

Yay, Bombcast!

Posted by Darthozzan

Nothing quite compares to a good ol' bombcast.

Posted by Galiant

Not on iTunes yet? Aw

Posted by RE_Player1

*Jeff's creepy voice* I need this...

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Jeff, you should play more GW2 before actually talking about it. It has a lot of fresh stuff compared to other MMOs. One hour is no way near enough.

Posted by Detrian

Patrick "Cow Pat" Klepek.

Posted by LiquidSwords


Shut up new guy! No one likes you here!

Posted by MrMazz

this early and much appreciated

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I love all of the Mass Effect games but I'm tired of hearing about anything Mass Effect now. Hell, I've been like that for weeks now.

Posted by PLWolf

A wild Bombcast appears!

Posted by Eaxis

Wow, early bombcast is great.

Posted by ip007

Early-cast! The best Bombcast!

Posted by CptBedlam

Europe loves the Earlycast!

Posted by vince_kupo

Yeah!! Bearly Bombcast

Posted by Paulmar

I like the older theme from last week better.

Posted by zombie2011

Hot Dog!! Bombcast time!

Posted by RedDeathZero

Nice! early cast!

Posted by BalrogsBain

I think tetris is the most ported game

Posted by Christwood

Hearing Jeff talk about Guild Wars 2 made me so sad. He really should've played more of it.

I've had the chance to play the game and I loved every bit of it, it's a terrific game. I haven't enjoyed an MMO that much in a long time. Hopefully Jeff will give it another shot.

Posted by Winternet

Whoa, son! Early Bombcast.

Posted by sodapop7

God damn it Brad play Mass Effect!! It is EASILY the best Mass Effect and I want a positive voice on this podcast to combat perpetual downer Jeff!

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I've been preparing by listening to BEST OF Hotspot podcasts!

Posted by Majkiboy

Nice and early, gonna listen to this before nighty night

Posted by randombattle

@sodapop7: Hate to tell you but you know Brad isn't gonna have super nice things to say about the ending.

Posted by CitizenJP

Jesus, Brad, just play ME3 already! Damn! lol. :P

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Posted by sodapop7

@randombattle: The incredibly silly end boss of ME2 didn't stop him loving that game. People remember that it took at least 30 hours of pure awesome to get to that last 10 minutes right? RIGHT?!

Posted by Masha2932

Wooo. Bombcast!!

Posted by Wandrecanada

I am not indifferent to longcasts!