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So early this is awesome!

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I got sick too, it's viral!

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Good times!

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It's time.

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Sick Bombcast, bro

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(that's not right)

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I normally save these for work on Wednesday, but since it's up.

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@humanity said:

I got sick too, it's viral!

I am home from work with a cold right now. Clearly this is all Patrick's fault.

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I needs this like Brad need soup. Heal me Bombcast.

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Vinny so swole

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Super early Bombcast GRANDE!

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I don't know why anybody would download the ad free version, the small business man shtick is endlessly entertaining.

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No Watitng Required

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The No-Bradcast :(

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Does listening to the bombcast transfer the sickness?

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I'm from Manchester. Not gonna front, Liverpool is full of mouthbreathers.

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Yay earlycast!

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When I grow old, I wanna be a small business man.

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April fools there is no bombcast just ads for 3 hours

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(that's not right)


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Early bombcast yeah!

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Loving the earlycasts. :D

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I watched all of Brookside, I know what you Liverpudlians are like. Bunch of Jimmy Corkhills the lot of ya!

I also got stuck in an elevator while on a school trip to Manchester. That was the most memorable thing about the bloody place!

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@humanity said:

I got sick too, it's viral!

It was here I realized that we use the same language for describing a popular video as we do for describing a terrible disease.

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they couldve totally april fool'd us and only pretend to put up the bombcat now only to have it really go up slightly later? :(

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Holy Earlycast, Batman.

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lovely simpsons reference vinny

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Thank you Giantbomb

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seriously, finish it :(

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Hello it's 2sday!

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Haven't heard that theme tune in such a long time. All time best, for sure!

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Fucking Leland Yee...

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I don't know why anybody would download the ad free version, the small business man shtick is endlessly entertaining.

I delete the ad-free version every week and only listen to the one with ads. They're literally the best.

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I really love all of the beef that is being hashed out through the guys. What a wonderful world we live in that this podcast can happen each and every week.

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Really liked the OR discussion.

But the more I think about it, the more I believe that this generation of VR will fail as a mainstream product just like the previous attempts.

I think the tech will finally be good enough to be viable. I haven't tried the OR, but from most reports about both that device and Project Morpheus, if they're not there yet both products are getting there in terms of latency and resolution for it to finally be a good product.

The reason why I think it'll fail with the mainstream is first and foremost at I do not see the mass market wanting to buy a VR headset for probably $300, no matter how good. At least the first generation. Many mainstream outlets have made it look like this is something you can walk around with, but at least for it to play games you'll have to plug that shit into your PC and/or PS4. We're living in a wireless world, I don't see the smartphone generation wanting to do that no matter how amazing the tech is. The same goes for the size of both devices, they're not exactly small.

I just think VR, as it stands, will be too expensive and too much of a hassle for it to catch on with the mainstream. And Facebook won't be satisified with a niche product, surely? Maybe a couple of generations down the line when a proper VR headset is the size of Google Glass.

Also, isn't there a huge chance of a Catch-22 with this stuff when it comes to games? People not wanting to invest in VR until there's so games and it has been proven that devs will actually make games for it, and devs not wanting to make games for it until there's a sizeable install base, especially for the thing to be as unproven as it is. Didn't someone at Ubisoft already announce they wouldn't make games for VR until it had 1 million users? 1st party studios at Sony could probably be compelled to make their games compatible with the PM, but without proper exclusive games I think a $200+ accessory for a console will be an impossible sell.

I hope VR succeeds, but I'm not optimistic. But what do I know, people are always sceptical about the potential of new technology.

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This real? Today has been an absolute mindfield of crappy pranks on the internet. I haven't been gullible enough to fully believe anything, but if I click on one more fake link...

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When will Small Business Man have his own podcast?

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People from Manchester and Liverpool are all scumbags.

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I like the bit when they said stuff... and Vinny laughed...(just guessing)

It's all good! :)

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I'm tired of just the elite getting rocket launchers. I want one too.

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God bless you Paul. Fighting the good fight! - They also tuck their socks into their pants.

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People named Leeland Yee are scumbags. Actually just members of the California state senate named Leeland Yee are scumbags.