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Posted by r3dsqu4r3

Woot bombcast ftw

Posted by mrfluke


Posted by mrfluke

fuck yeh 2nd and 3rd comment

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

Fuck yeah bitches, Bombcast time!

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

Bombcast! *downloads*

Posted by JJOR64

w00t w00t for Giant Bomb!!

Posted by Agent_Lost


Posted by Jack_Daniels

Great! Driving through the  heartland of Texas tomorrow this will go great while looking at the Longhorns and mesquite bushes.

Posted by TooWalrus

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Posted by buzz_killington


Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n


Posted by Annev0

Cool, i was waiting for this. =)

Posted by yoshimitz707

Hurray for Bombcast day!

Posted by musdy

nice!! the new guy in the industry is back!!

Posted by sloppyjoe

bombcast is the best thing that happened to the internets since pr0n

Posted by ShadowDoGG

3am it takes???

Posted by ShadowDoGG

3am it takes???

Posted by VWGTI


Posted by Daveyo520

Up relatively early, sweet. Hands down the best podcast on this series of tubes.

Posted by Dirty_Harry

hell yeah!!

Edited by REDRUN

wow, a little earlier on time of release. whoohoo. Happy Tuesday btw.

Posted by iAmJohn

New Guy's back!!

Posted by AndrewB

Tuesday confirmed.

Posted by License_To_Bill

Both Pyoro games were in the first Warioware. The second one was unlocked by unlocking and playing all the microgames.

Posted by Gregomasta

holy shit gentleman, my weed dealer just got here, so its on till the break of dawn.

Posted by TravisT

Nice another week, another Tuesday, another Bombcast

Posted by IshimuraD

Just to make your day complete, you might get baked into a pie!
Or you might get the Bombcast. It's all good.

Yay Giancarlo!

Posted by Arceion

sweeet bombcast time!!!!

Posted by Crono11

YAY for the bombcast! Another great one guys.

Posted by MC_Izawa

Houston is a shit hole.

Posted by AgentofChaos

Yay Bombcast!

Posted by Scorched


Posted by Guyzea

Wow Fast & Furious parking lot chase witnessed by Jeff and Vinny!!

Posted by Dr_Feelgood38

The mall near my house has a Gamestop inside and a Gamestop and an EB Games outside. A bit excessive if you ask me.

Posted by rmoe


Posted by jakob187

They said "FUCK YOU" and "LUKE" in the same sentence!

Edited by Cloneslayer

There was totally an edit right before you declared the end of world news! Tisk tisk, dont get sloppy


Posted by NathHaw
Off the Wall is an incredible album.  I almost prefer it to Thriller.
Posted by Sephiroth9997

Dude, Vinny.  The Roosevelt field mall has two gamestops.  They both suck! 

Posted by ch3burashka
I just finished Metal Gear Solid 2, and that shit's heavy. I'm still a bit in the dark, but it was still amazing. Beatiful ending, and I can't wait to see Raiden in MGS4 (after I finish 3...)

Sorry with the whole off-topic thing...
Posted by HT101

Nice.  Can't wait for it to get to iTunes so I can listen to it on my mp3 player.

Posted by the_purgatory_station

bird's nest, heh heh heh.

start watching at the 5:36 mark.  i love how they end it.  the horrah the horrah.  nice Apocalypse Now drop.


i never knew what it was until i saw this episode and my friend said this stuff is popular at chinese banquets. 

you 4 gentlemen are much braver than i am.
Posted by Milkman

Dude, calling Marvel Ultimate Alliance "MUA"....Don't do it.

Posted by Milkman

I love how the Bombcast always just gets completely out of control during the "New Releases" segment.

"You don't like Armor 'Bore"?"


Edited by Th3dz

Saves my day every wednesday morning!, Dudes this birds nest drink is not what you think.. It's pretty common in Thai but it is actually made from birds saliva, that's pretty gross. Altough you got the artificial one. Lol the Gott & blandat from sweden is awesome!

Posted by TheFrostedGamer

/hit thatbigassramp 50

Edited by ikaruga

hey I'm from vietnam racist. We have fungus drink over here too. oh and you supposed to have the fungus in there and they are edible you wuss

Edited by Death_Burnout

Hey lets not forget, Raven are known for their gorey games.

And whatever! there are people who liked all that swedish candy tasting! like me.

It's good to know you guys got that camera back! im surprised you didn't upload the footage of the panel that was taken with it.

Brad's mustache makes (or made) me laugh, but in the nicest way possible! he looked hilariously awesome.

Posted by Travis

The Smith Haven Mall has an EB and a Gamespot in it..  And a FuncoLand in the adjacent parking lot.  A bit much, if you ask me..

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