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Wow, this is super early.

Posted by Alo81

The time has come.

Posted by infantpipoc

That is fast.

Posted by slindz

No idea what that cover art is. Awesomely early however!

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

Geeze ... this is the earliest of early-casts

Posted by DerekWasRight

Well... it is Tuesday!!

Posted by froesti

shortcast? but early so thats cool

Posted by ripelivejam

hey everyone it's barely tuesday!

Posted by ManlyPup

@froesti: Short and early because of PAX East!

Posted by ThunderSlash

I guess it's Tuesday?

Posted by ShaggE

Earliest cast! Shortcast, but PrePAXcast, so all goodcast!

Posted by Vuud

According to the law it's Tuesday.

Posted by ripelivejam

im one of the guys in that pic

Posted by Axel_IX

Hey everybody, it's Monday!

Posted by jkz

Quality thumbnail right there. Glad to have this for starting work in the morning

Posted by sub_o

GiantBombcast, redefining podcast's ads.

Posted by face15

It's a rare Bombcast that I get to enjoy on an Australian Tuesday. Nice one.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

It is technically tuesday!

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i popped a bombcast, i'm sweating.

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GLC in here.

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Hot damn that's one early bombcast!

Posted by Oscar__Explosion

Holy earlycast batman!

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Jeff is on an airplane!

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Hahaaaaaa! Rigorous! RIGOROUS!

Posted by ZombieFDR

Insomnia Bombcast is the best Bombcast!

Posted by DystopiaX

earlycast fuck yeah!

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Hey there small business man!

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This is too early. My whole schedule is now off balance for the whole week.

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Jeff, your taking a red eye?

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An actual bombcast on Tuesday in my timezone!

Posted by Vigorousjammer

Hey Everybody, it's... punctual small business owner day.

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Whoh this makes the... second? maybe third bombcast to actually be up on a tuesday in my timezone. awesome

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@behardy said:

A Monday recorded podcast, posted on the eve of Tuesday.

Who's this lovely lady who saw what I did here?

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Finally.. justice..

Posted by PrintedCrayon

The earliest of Bombcasts!

I can listen to it at work!

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@ripelivejam: which member of The GLC are you? I'm guessing maggot

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Drew was talking about it and I have to say that Poo pourri works fucking great. My sister got it from a friend and I thought it was a joke until I shared a hotel room with family members and was blown away when I used it and it worked great.

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@face15 said:

It's a rare Bombcast that I get to enjoy on an Australian Tuesday. Nice one.


Let us be united, not divided by the Bombcast

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Well, I guess Australia was well into tuesday when this launched at least.

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@sub_o: Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who!

Posted by dr_mantas

And it's actually Tuesday for me!

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I am just about to leave for a 2 hour bus ride, you have saved my sanity.

Posted by Sevith

What the fuck.

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Yeah for early podcast! Also...

Me while listening to the DS2 PC talk:

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Is it Tuesday?