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Oh hey Bombcast YAY

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Bombcast time!

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Brad is going to eat it so hard on TNT. Can't wait!

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Yay! Happy Tuesday/Wednesday everyone. Hopefully Brad hasn't fallen too deep into DOTA (though his twitter feed would suggest otherwise)

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Phew, it's ok guys, we made it.

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Pour one out for those Lucas Boys.

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Looking forward to hear that LucasArts talk.

Aside from that, it's BOMBCAST TIME!

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Huzzah its bombcast time.

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I can now sleep while the bombcast say not-so-sweet nothings in my ear.

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I can now sleep while the bombcast say not-so-sweet nothings in my ear.

don't forget suddenly waking up in terror when they burst out laughing/cursing.

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screw it. sleep is overrated.

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Hey, everyone. It's Tuesday.

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Thank you, Giantbomb!

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I been jonesin'

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Yay. Now i can sleep peacefully

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Interested to hear Brad's thoughts on Dota. TNT is going to be crazy

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The description alone made me smile.

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Hey everyone it's Tuuuuuueeeeeesssdaaaaaaay.

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You had me at "Vinny returns..." Yes!

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Does Pat have a steel wool goater?

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Posting podcasts during Jeopardy!. Bad form.

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The time has come!

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Thank you bombcast :)

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More Dota 2 coverage!! :)

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Just happened to click the Bombcast page and boom!

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Hello everyone it's TUUUUUUUUUUUESDEAN! And you are listening to the Giant Deancast!

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this is why I wear a prophylactic

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I just straight up use a hair trimmer on my beard... maybe I'm crazy

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Bad decision to eat a hamburger while listening to this one.

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Wait for it. Wait for it.......Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Another Bombcast.

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RSS not updating for anyone else?

edit: Looks like RSS is updating, but my podcast manager just isn't picking it up.

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That is alot of poop, talk.

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@vinny: Nah I already solved this for the airline industry:

All children and families automatically seated in the tail section.

No guesswork, no random pincer attack, and they can get away with charging more for the wing and nose seats. The kids get to make new friends, single moms meet single dads, and the airline knows the steward at the back of the plane needs to be the best trained with children in emergencies.

It's win-win-win.

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Vinny is back. Everything will be alright. everything. will. be. alright

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Brad has the worst stories.

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Ryan has a housekeeper. welllllllll must be nice. Lol

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@shagge said:

Hello everyone it's TUUUUUUUUUUUESDEAN! And you are listening to the Giant Deancast!

*smacks forehead*

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Thanks for the Bioshock Infinite spoilers