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yay bombcast time!!

Posted by DukeT

Surprisingly long podcast after PAX. Much appreciated bombcast crew!

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Herp =)

time travel?

Posted by baracudadk2

awesome just got home from work to this! :D

Posted by heatDrive88

Perfect way to cap off, after listening to the Harmonix podcast.

Posted by Snipper138

Shouldn't it be the 10th? Nice early release anyways.

Posted by MagusMaleficus

Motherfuckin' future podcast y'all.

Posted by Dezinus

Vinny, you have to come back with me!


Back to Thursday the 12th!

Posted by spazm6666


Posted by JokerSmilez

Talk of Bud Light Lime and a pic of BLUE Light Lime?

Posted by ztiworoh

Wow, early!

Posted by Morningstar

WYB 4 hour long podcasts =)

Posted by Phatmac


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Wait, it's Thursday? It's not... the TESTED podcast is it? Refuse to use more bandwidth until further confirmation...

Edit: Changed it to today eh... I guess it's safe to proceed?

Posted by Kyle

@JokerSmilez said:

Talk of Bud Light Lime and a pic of BLUE Light Lime?

They drank Blue Light Lime at the PAX panel.

Posted by adamfedoruk

early bombcast!

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Guild Wars 2 pre-orders started 2 days ago, but it felt like it was just this morning.

Posted by Capt_Ventris

5am Bombcast time!

Posted by Milkman

I'll drink a Bud Light Lime right now. Haters gonna hate.

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Posted by Toxin066

What the fuck? Ultra early bombcast! Huzzah!

Posted by GalacticPunt

Podcast at NOON? Very pleasant surprise. Energy level sounds just fine so far.

Posted by ip007

Yay! I think this might be a record! Earlycast is the best cast!

Posted by wrecks


Posted by umdesch4

Earliest-cast makes my day!

Posted by dropabombonit

Bombcast up in the UK before I'm in bed, I will listen to this after I watch the most recent Mad Men episode

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

Tuesday Bombcast for the UK, :O

Posted by Anwar

early bombcast is awesome

Posted by LucVargas

Hooray, I can listen to the Bombcast while I go to work now. Thanks for putting it earlier than usual, guys.

Posted by Gaff

Is it Wednesday morning already?!

Seriously, the Bombcast is messing with my European day-night rhythm more than Daylight Savings Time or jetlag.

Posted by Soulblitz

YEAH EARLY BOMBCAST. Massive victory for the UK.

Posted by TurboJesus

Oh goodie.

Posted by NickyDubz

i r excited??

Posted by OleMarthin

IF jeff green is on this weeks tnt, it might possible be the best thing ever

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Wow just got home from work and it's already up? Hell yeah!

Posted by blacklab


Posted by jonano

Man every time they said Gong my dirty mind changed it to dong I am ashamed.

Posted by 234r2we232

You know you're doing well in life when you're being sponsored by a porn site.

Posted by ZOnikJJ

So early!

Posted by Colt45

"La-bat" Blue...that is all.

Posted by OneAndOnlyBigE

Off-Brand Gong is the name of my new band.

Posted by Anwar

Here you go Jeff, laugh away.

Posted by itspizza

Is the harmonix panel on the internet somewhere?

Posted by HerbieBug

this is very early in the day for Bombcast posting.  I am not prepared!  0__0

Posted by dangeRUSS04

early ass podcast is early


Never forget the right to bear Gongs.

Posted by NewDust

Future panel band: Marriachi-style!

Posted by murisan

Hearing about DmC is great news.

Posted by nail1080

If you watched I LOVE MONDAYS you should have already predicted an earlyCAST!

Posted by XenoNick

Am I seeing this right? I am! =]