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"YOU ARE THE POKEMON!!"        lol              Great podcast.

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"West Coast super liberal scumbag hippies..." "...Phony cyberpunk..." "...Our Porsches out front; I'm in the bathroom doin' lines!"

I love you Gertsmann!

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lol nice ending, nostalgic

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"Coming to you!....Live!....Dateline!!"

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I know this is stupid, but Ryan said that the Lakers were crap that year even though they made the finals haha, not that he would know. 
Also, they probably wouldnt have guessed they'd be doing TNTs weakly 2 years later.

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"let's keep talking about wiiware." 
           Ryan Davis, 2008

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R* had to change some seconds of content for the German version, not sure what though, probably radio stuff. The dude from R* who said that sounded pissed off, because it's a lot of work for a minimal change.

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I will listen to every bombcast.

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Ryan comes extremely close to predicting the Xbox One and PS4 E3 hype at 1:16:56.