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Thank you! Just made my night! :D

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Stop putting up new podcasts, I'm still six months behind!

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Oh man I hope the soda talk doesn't overstay its welcome.

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Was gonna sleep, but then there's this.

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Speak to me, duders.

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thanks a plenty

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Aww yeah

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Shortcast :/

Just kidding, looking forward to this!

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Hey Everybody It's Tuesday!!!

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'Bout time!

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Where's small business man this week?

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Small business man is nowhere to be found!

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Any idea when the premium will be up? Might have to stick with this one if I want to make it out before the stores close!

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I love it when they talk about Soda 2

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Not-Giant Bombcast

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Oh shit, I forgot that IT'S TUESDAY!

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2nd best intro.

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Woah its short, but oh well. Still happy that it is up!

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I'm sitting here with google ready so I can type in all the games Drew mentions. Subnautica sounds interesting.

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Holy shortest bombcast in awhile

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Woah its short, but oh well. Still happy that it is up!

th-that's what she said... >.<

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@crusader8463: I don't think you'll need a premium this week, this one doesn't have any of the ads.

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Is the picture wrong or the description? I see five people, not three.

I will not be bothered to listen to it until this is clarified.

Yes I will.

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I love how a sub 2-hour bombcast is short enough to turn heads. Back in 2008, you were lucky if it went over 90 minutes.

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Wait, the premium podcast not only has less content, but also the waiting ads bring?

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PS3: Sony gets shit for putting out too many firmware updates

PS4: Sony gets shit for not putting out that many firmware updates

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Warhammer is cool

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Where are all the other megabytes? :$

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Holy shortcast!

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Get bopped son!

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Lol, loved the Snoop segment :D

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Tiny Shortcast more like

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Glad it wasn't a latecast

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Man, I really need to catch up on my bombcasts.

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@somejerk: Times have definitely changed, but the PS4 needs it. I love my PS4 a lot but that system feels half-baked in a bad way.

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What is the game called Centris? I Google it and can't find a single damn thing. Is it spelled weird?

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Where can I find the animated gifs from the Twitch archive that they discussed?

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Is there a video of this that will be uploaded?
I'd prefer to watch as opposed to strictly listen.

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@scorpionicus: This isn't the PAX panel. It's the post-PAX bombcast. They'll post the PAX panel later.

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Every pax panel is the best pax panel

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Two short Bombcasts in a row? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT

I mean, thank you!