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they're here

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Fuck yeah

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Grats on your new Ombudsman position, Brad.

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Best time of the week

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OOOHH yeah

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finally....i hope i don't fall asleep on this

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What We Will Not Do

  • The Ombudsman will not be your advocate.
  • The Ombudsman will not automatically take your side in a complaint.
  • The Ombudsman is not a deciding official.
  • The Ombudsman will not direct a certain action be taken.
  • The Ombudsman will not replace the appeal (statutory, regulatory and/or administrative) process for such actions as adjudication of retirement, court-ordered benefit cases, disputed health insurance claims, etc.
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Just came by to check in on this week's bombca.... oh hey it's out!

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No More Video Games.

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Yay Bombcast! Awww Shortcast :(

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The Realest Tuesday.

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Do they still play video games? The description isn't convincing me. I love it either way.

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Time to do the helicopter with my wee wee.

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fuck sleep

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This'll be the best Bombcast ever!

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I know for damn sure I want *MY* own Coke Freestyle machine.

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I remain committed to Giant Bomb's complete transition towards reality entertainment.

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how long have the bombcast descriptions sounded like seinfeld episode descriptions

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Aw man... Aw man... Awwwwww man.... I really wish this were up on iTunes already.

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"Tuesday Actual"


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Patrick was there? Didn't hear him

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Just. Wet. Mahself.

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@posh said:

how long have the bombcast descriptions sounded like seinfeld episode descriptions

just this once, i think! but you and I are on the same wavelength here.

"...Drew buys a new meat slicer to make crazy sandwiches; Alexis starts operating his own food truck; Dave sends out 'Thank You' notes for his wedding using his trained carrier pigeons"

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Ok I lost it at "chasin' the Zyrtec."

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Yay Bombcast! Awww Shortcast :(

I know, I need a minimum of 3 hours to cover my drive times for the rest of the week.

Now I'll have to pad it with This Year episodes.

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If you want to see all the possible Coke Freestyle combinations, here's the site.

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Man freestyle coke machine on tap? With that and your arcade machines, you'd be in business Jeff!

The arcade business!

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Nomination for Patrick's hat for after hours E3/PAX/GDC parties...

Here comes the Interview Dump Truck, Beep Beep!

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@hells said:

Nomination for Patrick's hat for after hours E3/PAX/GDC parties...

Here comes the Interview Dump Truck, Beep Beep!


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Still one of my favorite pieces of Giant Bomb related content.

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Bombin it up.

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fuck yeah!

I thought this was going to be a midnight bombcast

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squirt fucking rocks

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Dr.pepper is life

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I want Vinny's newsletter.

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Squirt in da house!!!

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Why not have an Endurance Run this year of an agreed upon game you guys have yet to finish. Brad and Vinny speak about how its getting harder to play games other than in intervals; this seems best in my opinion for new content.

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It's unfortunate to hear hub-bub about the arena interaction in Injustice. It's a feature you don't see in fighting games very often... Sure, if they're broken in some way, that's a serious problem, but it's depressing to hear about a neat feature like that being looked down upon simply because the srs bsnss "eSports" people don't like fun.

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All the stuff that is happening with Moba e-sports happened to SC:BW, the big tournaments and stuff might go away but there will always be tournaments for all these games.