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Ohh Early Podcast

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The Caravella Legacy Edition

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Yes ! This might stop me from working out today : (

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Earliest podcast ever?

Posted by DeF

whoa that is REALLY early!

I kinda don't know what to do now ... I usually listen to this on my way to work on Wednesday morning. You guys are throwing off my whole routine :D

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holy early bombcast

Posted by NeoCalypso

Wow super early. Hope there is some grimrock talk in this one.

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Holy fuck, super monstrously early Bombcast! Now I can listen to it on my way to the gym!

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Oh man, this is so early! I don't know what to do with myself!

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Caught me off guard there

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What the...holy crap now I need to get home as soon as possible to download this!!

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Super-early cast!

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Nice, now I don't have to stay up till silly o' clock listening. :)

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damn early podcast

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holy fuck that's awesome I think this i the first time I can listen to the bombcast on tuesday

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The earliest. Ryan, how many times have you withheld this joy from us? You monster. 

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Oh, god, you've just made the rest of my workday bearable with your error, Ryan. My deepest gratitude.

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@spankingaddict said:

Yes ! This might stop me from working out today : (

Why would it? I'm putting it on my iPod now specifically so I can listen to it while I work out! :3

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earlycast is the best cast.

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Reasons for early Bombcast from our friend Ryan Davis. Shit. I forgot we can't put podcasts in the system without them going live immediately. My mistake is your windfall!http://www.giantbomb.com/podcast/

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OMG you must of recorded this bombcast, then went back in time to post. Which means its from the future!! Where's Michael J Fox?

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I'm going to be really bummed when I have to leave halfway through listening to write an exam, but yay early Bombcast!

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Earlycast is very early! Still Tuesday here in Britain, that early! :D


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Earliest podcast that I can recall. Thank the Maker.

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It's tuueessddaayy!

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Damn early today guys. My body wasn't ready.

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What the fuck guys. I can't listen to this yet!

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My afternoon just got bombcastier....

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AWESOME. Early casts ROCK!

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@Crimsonbeak said:

Ohh Early Podcast


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the fuck, so damn early!:D

edit: it took Vinny less than 2 min to show why the bombcast is at it's best when he's in it:)

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wow, super duper early bombcast

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@SadisticWOlf said:






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Holy hell this is super early. Thank you very very much.

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Soo early bombcast.

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SO EARLY! Thanks, CBS!

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ALL the penises

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FEZ time!!

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The bombcast is usually up right after dinner, but now I can have some at lunch. The world must be coming to an end.

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It puts the lotion on its hands.

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This is early...too early

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Dadcast is go!

Posted by Rayeth

Earliest Earlycast ever? Ryan setting expectations too high!