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Posted by Meltbrain

Awesome! Can't wait to listen.

Posted by JJOR64

Kick ass!  Time to listen.

Posted by Mr_Bauer


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Posted by Teptom

I wonder who will win?

Posted by Sgt_T1bbs

Yay Bombcast!!

Posted by Monty344

John Madden wins only if he has tank treads for legs.

Posted by REDRUN

Whoohoo! Tuesday Bombcast.

Posted by CleverLoginName

I called it!

Posted by ilovehorsies


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ha...i'm 12th....make that 13th.

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

Bombcast time bitches!

Posted by Sgt_T1bbs


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Posted by cubagoodingjr

blooby nipples

Posted by lemon360


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T-Rex as a pet? What if you were allergic?

(There was also an entire novel about the subject of Bears V.  Sharks. It is conveniently titled, Bear V. Shark)
Posted by JeffGoldblum


Posted by tak

oh, god, that intro discussion was awesome!

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Thanks guys, I really needed a bombcast today.

Posted by Lifestrike

To the uninitiated:

DotA itself was based off of a Starcraft map called "Aeon of Strife".

Since that point, all DotA style maps (including DotA itself) have traditionally been called AOS maps.

So, a logical name for this genre would be "AOS".

Posted by Lunchbox

Dinocast '09

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Posted by Meltbrain

Maybe you'd be a good person to ask who wrote "The Moon Rules #1" on my car... with a key?

Posted by VWGTI

Everytime Brad says, "a wHile" I'm reminded of that Family Guy episode. lol

Posted by HT101

I will listen to this sometime tomorrow.  I can't wait to see what they decide in the battle.

Posted by Cloneslayer

20 minutes in already best podcast ever

Posted by RedSox8933

DREW IS TOTALLY ON THIS PODCAST. Next week we can have all 5 of you guys!!

Posted by amandackrueger

Dude, forget the rotten egg trick. In chapter 5-2 there's the circle room with the lickers crawling on the walls. If you kill all of them, you'll get either four or five red gems. After killing all of them, immediately cancel the game, which will still save your inventory. Continue the game, sell the four or five stones you collected, and you'll start right back at the beginning of that room again. It's like an infinite loop. You'll be rolling in money in no time.

Posted by SM2099

The bear vs t-rex debate is one of the hottest debate since the  cake vs. pie in 07 and hamburger vs sandwich 08 resolutions.

Posted by GoodKn1ght

wait...are you guys high?

fucking great

Posted by goforth_and_die

smoke before you watch ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Trilleong

Cold pizza is now called ESPN First Take.

Posted by Conojo

I've been listening for 12 minutes and this is already the greatest podcast ever

Posted by deathfury

Did I hear it wrong, or did they forget Zeno Clash in the new releases?

Posted by IshimuraD

yaaaaaay...too bad it's exam week and I have virtually no time :(

Posted by megalowho

ryan davis with the state reference. nice.

Posted by License_To_Bill

Retro Quick Look name:
Late Look.

Posted by Aaox

Giant Bomb Mooncast, July 2012. Be there.

Posted by Jayzilla

the best part of the giant bomb is the cast! g to the g homeboys!

Posted by FCKSNAP

ARGH reading the comments is totally ruining the podcast for me! why did I work so late!?

Posted by Delta_Ass

Jeff's gonna be so bummed he missed out on "T-Rex vs Grizzly vs Great White" palooza.

Posted by Konrad


iTunes download cuts out at the same point every time.
Stream dies at that same point.
Regular download won't work either.

Come on guys, this happens at least once a month and when I go back and try again it still won't work, they don't even work now! I don't want to keep missing podcasts : (

Posted by Discorsi

jeff :*(

Posted by patrick5152003

the t-rex would destroy the bear(s), sharks would get the t-rex because t-rexes would just sink cause they can''t swim.. but they wouldn't go down without a fight, the sharks would get the bears... no matter how many bears there are.

Posted by Seraphim2150

I'd pay to see a fight between a trex and a battleship

Posted by Dethfish

Necromongers is the the word you're looking for Vinny. I like the Riddick movies, they are pretty good sci-fi flicks.

Can you believe this is one if the best bombcasts ever and there is no Jeff? It seems like an oximoron.

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