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This week's summary is...interesting.

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Nice pic

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It came out before I left for work!


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Incredible, up so early! Bombtastic.

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Oh man the neti pot... I hate those things.

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Wait really? already? :o

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YES, finally, damn the quest, this is a matter of honor, i can now rest easy.

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Highlight of the week! And early too!

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early today.

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yes, bombcast time!

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Early early early cast!

It's still Tuesday where I'm at... WHAT IS GOING ON!!?!!

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Early. I like it.

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Great stuff - thanks lads!

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Early cast.

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The earliest of early-cast. Today is a good day.

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Early cast?

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aha! Is this our chance?

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fuck yes

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So early!

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hey everybody it's tuesdayyyy

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Early asscast

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Holy early bombcast batman!

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Yay bombcast!!!

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it's not wednesday yet :O

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It's Tuesday already?

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Wow, super early.

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early bombcast, yay!

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Very early cast!

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Well, this is unexpected.

Guess I know what I'm doing for the next 3 hours. I could do work, but...well, ya know...I won't.

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Early cast!

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Yay bombcast :O

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This is some really, really early podcast...

I like it!

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Super early bombcast? Fantastic!

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Wait, what? Really? It's like Noon here.

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nice and early thanks guys

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What is even happening in that picture?..

Also yeah for early bombcast! Plus over 3 hours again! :-D

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early bombast?

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I refuse to believe the released it so early.

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Not working

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Wait at the beginning, was it purposeful to have the music playing while everyone was talking?