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Sneak attack Bombcast! It's so eeeeaaarrrlyyyy.

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Early! You guys got into "games" quick this week ;)

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I'm actually sort of offended that it's up so early.


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I've used a neti pot. Those things are no joke.

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As soon as this is over, im bouncing from work. Thank you GB.

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Wow Is this earliest it's been out?

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And a ridiculous long one too

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More DOTA 2 Coverage! :)

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Very early Bombcast!!!

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Crack of noon cast! Love it!

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this has to be a record for earliest bombcast

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Neti pots are for freaks!

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Bombcast on a Tuesday? It's more likely than you think.

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Damn! This has to be one of the earliest Bombcasts of all time, right?

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@nictel said:

What is even happening in that picture?..

Also yeah for early bombcast! Plus over 3 hours again! :-D

It's a neti pot.

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In case people couldn't tell from all the comments, I believe this is an early bombcast... now you know.

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Woah. Early Bomb.

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Actually Tuesday Tuesday Bombcast, whoooo! Don't have to mess around with this in ze morning...

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Super early! Thanks Ryan, you fedora wearing, lovable maniac.

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o_O bombcast

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Posted by df

Let's make this a convention?

Posted by SketchAEtch

That picture makes me sinuses hurt.

Posted by TopFloor

Pleasantly surprised by the early podcast. :)

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I MY GOSH. So early I think I'm going to explode with all this earliness... oh I cant help it I must type early in some form to convey my feelings of joy. In fact I may have just.....

My, you lot are easily pleased but oh yay, earlycast.

Posted by Aegon

WHAT x 1000000

Posted by Aegon

The earliest of bombcasts.

Posted by blacklab

Ah, my good friend the neti pot. Northern Marin is crushing with allergies rigth now.

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Hello everyone, it's Tuuuuesday... morning!?

Also, Neti pots are brutal, but damned if they don't work.

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So damn early! (*_*)

Posted by UncleBenny

hoooooooooooooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

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Earlycast? Today? Crazy!

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New podcast image!

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This has no business coming out so early, everything i thought i knew is crashing down around me.

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"...Ryan endorses the Neti pot; Jeff is assaulted by the Neti pot; Vinny hangs drywall."

Already cracking up; haven't even started listening yet. Perfect.

Also, weird. About an hour ago, I was thinking, "Man, I wish they'd put the Bombcast up earlier in the day so I'd have more time to listen to it." My superpower is conjuring up a Bombcast on command.

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Bomba iacta est!

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DLC-quel..... Vinny does it again...

Posted by MariachiMacabre

The EARLIEST of 'Casts.

Posted by DoctorWelch

The best part of wakin up, is bombcast in...my...ears?

Posted by Fattony12000

Earl of Castington.

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Oh god, we need to do a BREAKING BRAD of that last starcraft mission

Posted by CaLe

Anyone else picture gophers repelling out a window on rope? No? OK.

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Is this the earliest bombcast ever?

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Early and new artwork for iTunes! This is the happiest day of my life!

Edit: Also a nice and long one today.

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Thanks for the funny, just what I need for the drive home!

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Holy shit, this might be the earliest of bombcasts ever! :D

Posted by RedHatDrew

Awww Snapple! BOMBCAST!