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EDIT: Old theme what?

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Yes!!!! I wonder why it took so long?

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Well would you look at this...

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Yippie Ki Yay!

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Excellent, excellent, excellent.

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Jeff? Something's different about the audio. 

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In the words of Daniel Bryan; YES! YES! YES!

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Thank fuck. Thought I was gonna have to go to bed tonight with a naked ear.

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Ahh, the double decker taco. Truly one of life's great marvels.

Oh... and a bombcast. Sweet!

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No Ryan at the helm and Johnny V. on the phone?.. This should be good.

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Oh thank goodness! Daddy needed his fix.

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Thank god, let the games begin!

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WHOA old theme music

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Holy shit old Theme!!!

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Old School!

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Aww no Drew? I thought they were going to have an NK special this Bombcast!

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Yay! Was starting to worry...

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Awesome, new Bombcast! What's up with the old theme?

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Holy shit that throwback theme!

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2 hour bombcast? Fuck that!

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Fuck yes, the oldschool Bombcast song. The best one

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its back old music.

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Where the heck is Ryan?

P.S. More importantly, no NKDrewcast?

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Platinum medals!

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retro bombcast

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And now, I attack Inferno 3 in Trials evolution.

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I don't know which intro is better: The old bombcast theme or Tested's dubstep remix of their theme.

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Old theme is bestest theme. And I love how Johnny just launches into that taco bell thing.

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Jeff run two hour bombcast? GOOD TIMES ARE GO

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No Ryan you say?

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It's ALIVE!!!!!

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@Castermhief117 said:

Aww no Drew? I thought they were going to have an NK special this Bombcast!


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My "Fuck you, game!" moment with Fez is where my save file broke in such a way that I needed to restart it entirely because every time I loaded it up the game crashed to dashboard.

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Since Ryan is absent so often now, I can only assume he's having a baby in North Korea.

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This old theme is getting me excited. Definitely the best one they ever used.

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I paused about 12 minutes in because they started talking about Fez, and I haven't gotten to play it yet, am I safe to listen or do I need to skip ahead. And if so, how far?

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The old theme makes me happier than I ever could have expected. Memories!

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Love when Jeff hosts.