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 Yeah Ryan RULES 
actually O'Doyle rules but your cool too ryan

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Lool dude below me typed in yeah quickly to grab the space and then edited in something else. Bit sad imo :o

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Best part of Tuesday.

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Awesome cakes

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I just blew up.

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Aww yeah son. 

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SC II haircare products? I'm intrigued.

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Too bad the latest IW lawsuit thing didn't happen earlier.

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Fuck yeah, I hope they talk about Kane and Lynch 2!!!
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What does the Scouter say about the Giant Bombcast!?

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weee. time to go to bed :P

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sweet home chicago

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I'm really warming up to this new theme. It really gets me pumped.

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Oh man, I completely forgot about Bombcast Tuesday. YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, SCHOOL!

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Almost finished listening to the old podcast, moving on to this afterwards.

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"Sharper than rings on RZA's fists, it's ridiculous"

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Saw the pic and was like "Wait, what? Is that RZA in a mo-cap suit?!" Sure enough, yep.

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Itt's bombcast time :D:D:D

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bombu castu!

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@XenoZak said:
" :O ITS UP WOOP  Lool dude below me typed in yeah quickly to grab the space and then edited in something else. Bit sad imo :o "
A bit sad that you felt the need to call it out, imo.
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Yes, it's Bombcast time!

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Where my bombs at?
Oh, there they are.

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Amazing NPR start. This is going to be a good bombcast. Good in FUCKING indeed.

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dude woah, popular online games with the GB crew.
yo brad, let's do a Starcraft night. Brad I am calling out to you.
Starcraft night.

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smooth-voiced intro, I like it. 
edit: So, why does Jeff sound like he doesn't like Splinter Cell here, when he gave it 4 stars? I don't want to nitpic or anything but it comes off as a bit odd. 
EDIT: bonus ending!

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Mocap?  The RZA?  I'm in.

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Ryan is the lyrical Jessie James

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Woohoo, Bombast gets me through my Wednesday commute!
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I don't suppose you guys could keep the podcast down to an hour instead of these 2-3 hour monsters each week.  I literally have 6 days of podcasts to listen to on my iPod and podcasts like these are really a speed bump in catching up.  You and Rebel FM are the worst offenders for too long podcasts.

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40th yey, Awesome Podcast is awesome.

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YES UPWORDS. I didn't think anyone else remembered this game.

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The Bombcast is here! The Bombcast is here!

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Brad's "And here we are" was completely perfect.

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Brad's BACK!

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Ryan and Jeff's Splinter Cell arguement was great.
 "You're the worst."
"No, you are!"
For the record, Ryan is right.

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Whoooo Community Game Night

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A discussion on Starcraft II??? This is a first!