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first,  Thief series are stealth games done right.   Woot Cinco de Mayo

Posted by Arceion

omg its up

Posted by GioVANNI

YES!  After 20 minutes of refreshing, it is up!

Posted by jarryd

wow nice and early, good work ryan

Posted by deathfury

Dave is on! Hooray!

Posted by Kinarion

No Vinny?!

Posted by Meltbrain

Early! Sweet. I don't have to stay awake til 5am like a loony! Although I probably will anyway!

Posted by brian3d

Oh man, Choco-Nut. Never liked those. And I'm Filipino.

Posted by Satune

Yo 50! Hit that big ass moon crater!

Posted by buzz_killington

wow Sooooooooooooooooooooo early! and GO DAVE!

Posted by sfighter21

hola.  that is the extent of my spanish, lol.  word.

Posted by Death_Burnout

wow one guy missing from the bombcast for 3 weeks in a row!

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Venga Venga Venga... 3 years of high school spanish at work!

Edit: Oh hey there Philippines reppin, you guys live in the Bay Area, I could tell you some places to eat some weird stuff. Really weird.
Posted by AndrewB

Man... no Vinny = less fun.

Posted by TooWalrus

Drew must have fucked up, they brought Dave in.

Posted by Diamond

Yay, I just got done watching Endurance Run and now this so I can turn off my PC and relax :3

Posted by JJOR64

w00t!  Time to listen.

Posted by punkxblaze

Seriously, Ethan, we get it. You draw pictures. You can stop posting them everywhere.

Posted by Agent_Lost

oh yea, it up

Posted by NarcolepticBat

Man i finally got a podcast for i went to bed, rocks!

Posted by Mr_Bauer

woot, time to listen to the new bombcast, maybe listen to the whole thing before falling asleep :P

Posted by unclejohn0525



Posted by welly

w00t lovin it

Posted by DerekDanahy

Bombcast or Die

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Eh, I don't know if I like this scoring idea. I guess I would prioritize the informational aspects of this site, but then, I didn't build it.

Posted by PowerSerj

This fo real.

Posted by Six

you still on the moon?  when are you moving to Mars?

Posted by ch3burashka

Bombcast is by far the best podcast in the history of the world.

Posted by hungrynun

What is Dave even talking about.

I don't even...

Posted by Artie

A Dave Snider episode, is an episode I skip.

Posted by SandwichApoc

The bombcast is going for the cycle here with guys out of office.

Posted by kagekage

no trophy addition to profile? =[

Posted by Captain_Fookup


Posted by Blind_Evil

Hey now, I love my Sony Ericsson phone.  It's worked perfectly for almost 2 years.  I even left it out in the snow overnight and didn't have issues.

I've gotten way more use out of it as a music player than I got out of my PSP as ..everything.

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As to the achievement grading system, I think you guys should just use the star system that the reviews use. I think getting 3 stars (ie C) would have a little less impact on people emotionally and it would keep the rating systems consistent on the site.

However, it sounds like you guys are really attached to the S rank, so maybe you could use the S rank as the fifth or six star.

Posted by HT101

I will listen to this tomorrow but with Dave on, you know that something awesome will happen.  Also, 50 Cent on the Moon?  I am sold.

Posted by brocool


Posted by JJWeatherman

This podcast is so BOMB!

Posted by LordKorax

I was just at Best Buy and they had a whole bunch of copies of Cryostasis...

Posted by GUnitVer1

Apparently, Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion is the #1 arcade game in Japan according to the latest Arcadia rankings. Was it still vanilla 6.0 at the arcades when u guys played it at Japan?

Posted by Unholyburger

I want mah PS TRIPPLE trophies D:

Posted by FadedFelix

You have a resident libertarian?

That must be horrible!

How do you stomach the avalanche of ignorance?

Posted by Hammerface

YES DAVE! The Fallout storyline ended at Fallout 2.

Posted by TwoOneFive

da trizzle fo rizzle. 

and i didnt celebrate cinco de mayo
Posted by ItMustBeBunnies

Not only is Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion #1 now the vanilla T6 was for all of 2008. In 06/07 T5 DR was #1 or in the top 5 until T6 came out. Jeff's going off really bad anecdotal evidence.

Posted by gidoff

BombCast time!

Posted by Dragonseer

Yeah Tekken is consistently the number one fighting game in Asia in terms of popularity, and is the fighting game equivalent of a RTS game like Starcraft.  In other words it is proven to be the most diverse and compelling fighting game for compeditive high level play.  You can see high level Tekken play by searching for Tekken Crash on youtube, this shows a recent televised tournament held in Korea. 

Posted by buckybit

watchin' Blood in, on Youtube out, Ese...

Posted by xDot

Tekken 6 has been the most played Arcade game in Japan ever since it's release, Tekken's still huge in japan.

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Woot Dave PC'in the Podcast up.

You need to do Gold Silver and Bronze for A B and C.

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