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Potential Dex Drive chat?

Edit: Whoops! Dex Drive was made by Datel's rival: Interact.

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wooho bombcast time

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Bombs over Baghdad!

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love me a bomb

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I remember Play Action Football. Wonder how that comes up.

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What's this? A "Podcast" you say? Interesting. Most interesting

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Don't pull your thang out, unless you plan to bang.

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Well shave my ass and call me Mike Ditka, 'tis an earlycast!

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Vinny "Numbers Guy" Caravella

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Jeff does a good Casey Kasem.

Wow! Is this transition music I'm hearing?!

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Always good to get the Bombcast on an actual Tuesday!

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So happy the transition music is back.

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Early bombcast !

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Is there no more Small Business Man? :(

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What a great feeling to forget it's Tuesday, and find out it's Tuesday when you goto giantbomb.com!

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I love NES Play Action Football, I also loved Tecmo, but I had weird soft spot for PAF. Serpentine was much longer because the fields were soooo huge.

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Whoa, the transition music is back! Welcome back, music!

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It's TUesday! Let's talk about DIsney!

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Not two minutes in and Drew has already killed it. I can only hope to be half the man he is.

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section MUsic!!!! what year is this???

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Oh man! The sound bytes are back!

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Deez nuts.

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Man! That one email! AGHHHHHHHH

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I'd play the hell out of a new UT, oh man.

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Do as da bomb says. Shirts off!

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Vinny is rembering the zombi u trailer of 2012.

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really digging the return of the segment music

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Good show. I hope you guys hire someone that can help put some pizzaz into the Bombcast.

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The email music is back! Yaaaaaaaaaaay

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This email section is... INSANE.

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Last Guardian stuff is technically breaking news...no? I guess it's more on the rumor side.

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@rustyaries: NES Play Action Football was amazing. Any QB scramble led to an immediate fumble and the player would lay lifeless on the field for the remainder of the play. Long runs were virtually impossible because some DB would come in from offscreen at twice your speed. This, plus impossibly crappy cutscene animations and sound effects. And the music...my God, the music. So good.

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Cyberpunk 2077, still the game I am looking forward to the most.

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Casey Kasem was also the voice for Cliffjumper.

@hassun said:

Cyberpunk 2077, still the game I am looking forward to the most.

Man I can't wait for that game. I really hope they can keep in all the labeled brands on all the loot.

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I love how Drew just drops hilarious comments that no one acknowledges, like the Dave Lang thing. It cracked me up at least.

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Dave Lang putting anime games on blast!

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Man, that Whatcha Been Playing section... yeah, maybe GB should get some new blood in soon.

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Drew: My friend had these DSLs

Jeff: Yeah he did

That killed me.

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Corruption Emails: The Podcast

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@drewbert if you are looking for a golf video game the best ever is still Front Page Sports: Golf. I may be wrong but I think it was the first game to use TrueSwing and swinging with your mouse was cuh-raaaaazy.

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EMails now known as: I've been there and man, what a Shithole!