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PopCap will eventually somehow rule the world.

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w00t!  Been waiting all day!

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i love bombcast days!

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not sure how i feel about the treyarch guy being on but whatever

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something to listen to will i wait for my tv to be deliverd 

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giant bommmb
it's F'n rad
giant bommmb
Ryan Vinny Jeff and Brad
giant bommmb
my heart belongs to giant bomb!

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Will listen to this tomorrow.

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Don't really want the Treyarch rep in the podcast. Oh well :)

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No Vinny?


Edit: Treyarch guy left. Vinny is back! Yay!

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He's only on for 18 minutes! Sheesh! Vinny comes back in a hilarious fashion

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Uh oh, who's missing? It's been awhile since we've had the Vinny/Jeff/Brad/Ryan combo, eh? Bummer. This should be good though, WaW map packs are cool.

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balls balls balls balls of steeeeeeeeel!

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Its Christmas!  Well, whatever.

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oh yea

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No one is missing...

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hope hes a funny guest...

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Dodgeball's outlawed, only outlaws'll have dodgeballs.

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Hail to the king baby!

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Oh Lord, I'm gonna be a fucking zombie tomorrow, this wont be done until like 6 a.m..

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get Noah Heller on the podcast

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Treyarch is just about the last developers I would expect on a bombcast. Skipped over the entire interview.

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Even though the Giant Bomb crew probably doesn't want to see this in the comments,
Josh Olin was also on Gamespot's The Hotspot this week. (I listen to it occasionally as a secondary podcast)
I like how Brendan Sinclair wasn't afraid to ask him the tough, awkward questions, although obviously Giant Bomb's "vibe" is always mellow and entertaining to listen to.

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I loved Flashback when it was new, so stylish. but controls where always kind of... stop/starty same as you justifiably bawww about.

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alas, poor Duke.

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Whoa, deja vu Treyarch guy.

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hell yes nothing like a good bombcast

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Haven't listened yet, but the picture features some ray-tracing. Hope you talk about it some. If not, you better.

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The Treyarch Guy stays on his unfortunate message 100% of the time, and should be ignored when possible. Skip ahead 18 minutes to avoid the advertisement.

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HAZAHH!! monkey dogs like in gears 2?

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didn't they just get done saying how stupid nazi zombie mode was and the have the guy on the show?

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didn't they just get done saying how stupid nazi zombie mode was and the have the guy on the show?

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...i really wish some people would listen to the damn podcast before they post a comment.

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where's vinny? not into the trey arc dude being on this... but whatever!... lets give it a listen!

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Great stuff guys

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Shoulda made a wawcast tomorrow or something. The first 18 minutes just don't fit the Bombcast vibe I know and love.

But now ... listening to what is sure to be bandwidth gold as all four of you are in effect.

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So happy this is up, thanks guy.

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I've got steel balls.

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Re: Sony Publishing Ghostbusters in Europe.

I'm pretty sure this is just Atari pulling a "Midway". I think they jumped to conclusions too fast in thinking that this is just Sony buying an exclusive in Europe and Australia, because you waste more money publishing a game than just buying exclusivity. I'm pretty sure Atari knows Ghostbustin isn't gonna make such a big splash overseas than domestically so they gave Sony the duty of putting it out everywhere else and then use the profits to publish the rest of the platforms everywhere else. I mean, honestly if Sony was really trying to "buy" an exclusive it would have happened long ago since they do own the rights to it, and they would have done it for all regions.

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Dog monkey vs monkey dog.  A line from midnight brown's song starring the granddaddy of stunts.  Awesome.  Downloading now!

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Ber Derpi Ber Erpi Der Der Der......... Giant bomb is awesomer than Bacon AND Ice Cream!

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Bombcast Time!!!!!!
I have to promote the GiantBombCast here in Belgium. You can not imagine how sad those game websites are inhere.
GiantBombCast is superior to any podcast I've ever heard. Informative, funny, entertaining,... You guys have it all!