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yay bombcast

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Drop a bomb on it!

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Super. Hot. Bomb. Cast.

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The Bombcast? THAT SHITS MY JAM!

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I need this in my ears. Now.

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Hey everybody it continues to be Tuesday!

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Giant Robotcast!

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Dat 3+ hour Bombcast

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Awwwwwwwwww yiss

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It's so bombtastic!

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I am ready for the giant longcast

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Over 3 hours!

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The watiting is over!

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I loves you guys

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May 21 is now tuesday!

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W-wa-what is that thumbnail all about? Can't wait to see how that relates to anything in this bombcast.

Syracuse, NY represent! We have some of the best ribs here. Dinosaur BBQ was born in downtown Syracuse.

EDIT: Woah, exciting news there Vinny! Best wishes with the move.

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Just fine.

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Man I still haven't finished the last Bombcast, it's been a busy week.

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Play Transistor or listen to the Bombcast. #firstworldproblem

This Tuesday's awesomeness is off the scale!

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Die Bombcastein!

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Wooo! Time to listen to media giants pissing in the wind in front of the media!

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Yeah! New York State! I am from the cold wastes of Rochester. Moving down state soon, though.

@pimblycharles: I went to Le Moyne. I know all about 'Cuse. Love the place.

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I'm way behind on Bombcasts but...Expansion plan? Picture of New York?

I may have to skip ahead to this one.

EDIT: Nevermind, saw the news post. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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So we'll be losing Vinny from the bombcast huh? That's a bummer.

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i don't like this. i mean we're not LOSING him but does GB really need to be more fractured?

e: if i had my way every single damn one of them, even the riffraff (i.e. Alex) would all be under one damn office roof and would be my happy family FOREVER

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Welp, time to make an Oregon Trail type game but set in modern NY state.

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Beavis and Butt-head are the ones who did the 'it's hard to rock a rhyme' bit.

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Turn into a jet.

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This episode is so plump

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i think this is going to be a very ambitious and big turning point for giantbomb, could very well break the site, or make them unstoppable.

Vinny was a super core part of the prime giantbomb lineup, he held down the fort while many of the staffers were out during periods of time and still made the content entertaining. this could very well put big pressure on the new staff members.

but im with you homies all the way, so we'ill see how it goes.

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news mustve broke the site, bombcast isn't showing on the front page.

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Giantbomb NYC!!!

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Return of the Gamesman!

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I really wish I could just observe Jeff and study what he does.

He just left for a week and was at a truck stop. Is no one else interested?

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so i expect GBNYC will just be playing FTL 24 hours a day...

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I really hope this expansion works for them though.

I really am going to miss VInny off the cast though. His edits make me feel warm inside.

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