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Posted by GioVANNI

I'm totally the first comment.  Whoo!

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Where's all the comments?  How did I get here?  This is madness!!!

Posted by Conojo

I like how you guys comment that you prefer the classic Mega Man games to the contemporary nonsense that had been released to this point and then "Boom!" a "return-to-classic" Mega Man game is announced and released. Capcom is spying on you guys

Posted by Eaxis

I like going back to the bombcast past to see if your future predictions became reality.

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Jeff predicts Game Room at around the 16 minute mark :P

Posted by Anwar

T.R.O.Y.? Ryan man why don't you know what that is? :D

Posted by Little_Socrates

This seems like a really bizarre time to listen to this Bombcast. Six comments? Really weird twilight zone shit.

Also, looking forward to finding out if you guys are psychic on this episode; last time I listened to an episode that came out before I joined the site, Jeff accurately predicted the featureset of the PSVita.

Posted by darkcargio

love this oldie podcasts

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PINE Is Nearly Elm. Get it Right, Jeffery!