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Yeah long podcast

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@oni said:

@mooseymcman said:


Damn you Brett

AHAHAHAHAHAA I'm not even listening to it now, I'm going to watch the Destiny Unfinished. This will be my evening entertainment later.

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Time to listen to what they got wrong.

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Still not syncing with iTunes :(

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Early Cast!

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So. Much. Giant.Bomb.

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E3? more like Bee3 am i right?

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My personal prediction: all their predictions were wrong.

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Wasn't expecting this so soon, fuck it..no sleep yet!

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cant wait for last guardian!!!!!!

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I love it when the crew was interested with Akiba Trip. They are in for a disappointment (it won't meet their crazy expectations)

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That's one depressing picture.

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Wow, their Zelda prediction was on-point, huh? XD

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You're going around collecting batteries for your flashlight?! Because a flashlight has only... ~10 minutes of battery life?


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Unfortunately, Alex nailed that F-Zero prediction. He's probably right about its future too.

But to be fair, F-Zero GX/AX is so damn good that I don't know if Nintendo needs to make another one. If only just keep providing avenues to play it.

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why wasn't this up on monday instead?

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I liked The Club!

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Its a shame you guys dont care about sports games. NHL 15 looks pretty awesome so far.

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Been able to listen to something all the time, non stop during my last 2/3 days of studying. Very much appreciate the hard work you guys are doing, you're kings among men.

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I'm not a fan of hockey but I couldn't believe how amazing that looked! Stunning. Can't wait for some Madden!

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That Battlefield discussion.. yeesh. Sounds like Visceral games was going to be axed if they didn't make a cheap, safe bet like that Battlefield "mod". That's depressing.

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A lot of that was actually pretty damn close, or simply spot-on. Some of it... well, yeah, they aren't psychic.

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"oh no, Koreans!"

love it

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@draxyle: Not sure about that. Visceral actually already worked on BF3 in 2012, they made the last DLC End Game. You'd assume to give them some first hands-on experience with Frostbite and the BF franchise for any future endeavours. So a BF game from Visceral might have been in the plans for quite a while.

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The 3DS launched with Nintendogs + Cats! How could you forget! :P

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I have come from the future! to laugh at your predictions.

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Brad: Did you get the sense this (Hardline) is EA's big thing for the show?

Jeff: Boy I hope not!

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Wow. They were completely off the mark with Nintendo... and I'm glad they were, because the Digital Event did hit all the right spots. For me, at least.

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Super interesting to listen to this after the fact.

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I guess the mention of Senran Kagura just took everyone's breath away.

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GiantBomb - we groan when we talk about nintendo. I still love these guys.

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No Ham Duets is the lamest prediction to date. So sad.

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So does Lego Batman 3 actually feature the other DC characters in its story this time? That was the issue I had Lego Batman 2. The story focused primarily on Batman, Robin, Superman, Batman villains and Lex Luthor. The other DC characters that were present were barely present.

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Does The Last Guardian even actually exist?

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Jeff on the mentioned Bonus Round http://www.gametrailers.com/full-episodes/jvjx5i/bonus-round-how-xbox-can-conquer-e3